Since their first appearance together, fans have been speculating if Dan Howell and Phil Lester are dating. On June 18, they revealed that they would be moving in together!

Dan and Phil have millions of followers, many of whom are curious about the romance rumors. The duo has been making content since 2014. They just revealed to their fans that they now own a home.

Dan Referred To Phil As His Soulmate

Are Dan And Phil Still Dating

When Dan launched his YouTube channel in 2006, he was a big admirer of Phil’s programming. Dan persisted in messaging Phil on Twitter, and the two got together in 2009 to collaborate on their first video. It was the start of a long and profitable partnership between two of the most popular content creators in the UK.

It was never clear whether the two were just friends or had been dating for years. Dan came out as LGBT in a video released in June 2019 about his friendship with Phil. “, he stated.

“It was more than just a love affair.” This is someone who genuinely cared about my health. I trusted them. For the first time since I was a tiny child, I felt safe… we are truly great friends. “As in, true soul mates.”

Dan did not say whether or not the couple was still together. He was well aware that his admirers were interested, but he insisted on keeping his personal life secret. As Dan stated,

“I’m sure a lot of people want to know a lot more than that, which I take as a compliment, but… “I prefer to keep my personal life private.” Phil is similar.”

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Are Dan and Phil still a couple?

Are Dan And Phil Still Dating

Since roughly 2011, Dan and Phil have shared a home. They spent many years in Phil’s apartment in Manchester. After that, they moved to London and shared an apartment. They were dissatisfied with their current apartment and relocated to a new one in London. They stayed there for more than a year before relocating to a property they jointly purchased. “The box boys are now officially homeowning gays,” they captioned photos.

It Appears Like The Two Are Just Buddies

Are Dan And Phil Still Dating

Dan appears to have taken a YouTube hiatus since his coming out video. Although he and Phil haven’t worked together in a while, their connection remains strong.

At the present, there appears to be no romantic tension between the two. Their relationship appears platonic, and they seem happy with it.

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Howell Dan:

are dan and phil still dating

Dan Howell is a popular YouTuber from the United Kingdom. Danisnotonfire was the name of his YouTube channel, which he subsequently changed to Dan Howell. His YouTube channel has almost 7 million subscribers. Dan Howell has been very open about his depression and anxiety struggles, and he has inspired and helped many individuals to feel more at ease with themselves. He has also authored a book for depressed persons. He recently made a video on the channel explaining his absence and announcing his trip.

Phil Lester:

are dan and phil still dating

Phil Lester is a radio broadcaster and YouTuber from England. He is well known for his YouTube channels AmazingPhil and DanandPhilGAMEs, which have a combined 4 million subscribers. He’s also worked with Dan Howell a lot. He was named one of the UK’s top influencers by The Sunday Times. Phil Lester was born on January 30th, 1987, and is 35 years old. His YouTube channel is still active.

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