Are Chrishell and Jason Dating

Are Chrishell and Jason Dating? Have a Look at Selling Sunset Stars’ Dating and Love Life

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Chrishell Stause and Jason Oppenheim, stars of Selling Sunset, split up after barely five months of dating because they have different future aspirations. When Chrishell began working for Jason’s brokerage, The Oppenheim Group, in 2018, she met him for the first time.

The TV actress was married to Justin Hartley, the star of This Is Us, at the time. Chrishell was astonished and disappointed to learn that her now-ex-husband had filed for divorce without informing her. While Justin has always claimed that Chrishell was aware of their split, she maintains that he caught her off guard.

Justin married Sofia Pernas, his third wife, in May of 2021. Chrishell is also attempting to move forward and create the family she has always desired. She fell in love with Jason after dating professional dancer Keo Motsepe for a short time.

Are Chrishell and Jason Dating

Chrishell confirmed the two were dating with a series of photographs in July 2021. In their romantic photos, the Selling Sunset duo appeared to be very much in love. However, in December 2021, the pair called it quits. Jason and Chrishell made statements on social media that explain why their romance ended.

Chrishell has always shown a desire to be a mother. She wanted to have a child with Justin when they were married, but it never happened though she was stepmom to Justin’s daughter from a prior relationship. Chrishell decided to preserve her eggs after the couple divorced before getting back into the dating arena. She stated that in September of 2020, “I had a very different image of where I would be at this age and stage of my life.

I’m lacking a family aspect, which I hope is still a possibility for me.” Chrishell’s greatest wish is to become a mother, but Jason isn’t as anxious to have a family as she is.

Why Did Jason and Chrishell End Their Relationship?

The reason Jason and Chrishell Stause broke up appears to be a disagreement over children. “We have different goals about a family,” Jason said on Instagram, while Chrishell told Women’s Health that she wanted children but Jason did not.

“My previous relationship was such a great connection in every aspect,” she told the publication, “except for the fact that we simply desire different things.” “There’s still a lot of love there,” the narrator continues.

Are Chrishell and Jason Dating

“I used to assume that if you didn’t ride off into the sunset, the relationship was a failure,” Chrishell stated, adding that her time with Jason caused her to reconsider her approach to relationships. And as a result of my connection with Jason, my thinking has shifted.”

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Chrishell Was Recently Linked to An Australian Musician.

Chrishell is quite public on Instagram, writing about her recent exploits, whereas Jason Oppenheim is much more private, posting largely about his show-biz endeavors.

While Jason Oppenheim doesn’t appear to be dating anyone right now, Chrishell has recently been linked to G Flip, a singer from Melbourne, Australia. It’s unclear how much weight the rumors should carry.

“I’m ready to cheerfully explain in full detail why I think G Flip and Chrishell are secretly dating at any given moment,” tweeted @julesszz.

In July 2021, Chrishell Stause and Jason Oppenheim announced their relationship.

Chrishell Stause joined The Oppenheim Group for Selling Sunset in 2018, and it was announced just over two years later that she was dating Jason Oppenheim, the firm’s CEO.

Are Chrishell and Jason Dating

They made their romance public just two months after they started dating, with Chrishell explaining she “wanted to be able to touch her boyfriend’s hand” without fear of being “caught” before the public realized they were together. Jason and Chrishell declared they were dating in July 2021, while on vacation in Greece with the rest of the cast.

“Chrishell and I became fast friends, and our friendship has grown into a wonderful partnership,” Jason stated at the time. “I love her very much, and we’re really happy together.” The couple gushed over each other and professed their love right away.

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What Have Jason’s and Chrishell’s Co-Stars Had to Say About the Breakup?

Jason and Chrishell’s co-stars in Selling Sunset have spoken out about their breakup. According to close friend Mary Fitzgerald, it was “devastating for both of them.” She and her husband, Romain, told The Mirror that they have been aiding the couple in their post-divorce transition.

Are Chrishell and Jason Dating

“We’ve talked to both of them; neither of them did anything wrong; they’re just on different paths,” Mary added. “We’re there for them both, and we love them both, and all we want is for them to be happy, and whatever that means for them, we’ll be there for the 100 percent.”

Mary also stated that the two had never had any animosity against one another. And that they are still friends, despite the post-split cooling-off period.

“Fortunately, they’re both fairly mature, and they understand that as good friends, none of us will ever betray their trust,” she concluded.