American Actress and Model Amber Heard Past Relationships: Complete Timeline!

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Amber Laura Heard (born April 22, 1986) is an actress and activist in the United States. She earned her first starring role in 2006 horror-thriller All the Boys Love Mandy Lane, following a string of tiny roles. She rose to prominence with supporting appearances in the films Never Back Down (2008) and Pineapple Express (2010). (2008). Heard joined the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) in 2017 to play Atlantean princess Mera in the superhero film Justice League, a role she would later reprise in Aquaman (2018), Zack Snyder’s Justice League (2021), and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom (2023). Heard has been a global ambassador for the cosmetics company L’Oréal Paris and a human rights activist since 2018, in addition to acting.

Between 2015 and 2017, Heard was married to fellow actor Johnny Depp. When Heard claimed that Depp had been aggressive during their relationship, and Depp claimed that Heard had abused him in 2018, before unsuccessfully suing the publishers of British tabloid The Sun for English defamation. Depp is suing Heard for defamation in the United States as of 2022, after she penned an op-ed about being a public victim of domestic abuse in 2018, characterizing himself as a victim of cancel culture;[6] the trial began on April 11, 2022, in Virginia.

Amber Heard Past Relationships

Early Life:

Amber Laura Heard was born in Austin, Texas, on April 22nd, 1986. Heard grew up outside of Texas with one sibling, riding horses, shooting, and fishing. She went to a Catholic high school and competed in beauty pageants as a kid, but she ultimately got disillusioned with religion and the Texan way of life. As a result, at the age of 17, she dropped out of school and relocated to New York City. She began her career as a model in New York, but soon switched to acting and relocated to Los Angeles.

Let’s have a peek at her past romantic relationships.

Tasya Van Ree (2008–2012)

Amber Heard Past Relationships

Amber’s high-profile romance with painter and photographer Tasya Van Ree was the first to make headlines. Amber came out as bisexual throughout their relationship, which lasted from 2008 to 2012. In 2010, the actress spoke at a GLAAD event about her sexuality, saying, “I don’t categorize myself in any way – I’ve had successful relationships with both men and women. It doesn’t matter who I love; what matters is who I love.”

Johnny Depp (2012–2016)

Amber Heard Past Relationships

In 2009, Amber and Johnny met on the production of The Rum Diary and began dating in 2012. They married in 2015. Amber filed for divorce 15 months later, and in 2016, she obtained a temporary restraining order against the actor, stating that he was abusive during their relationship. Johnny sued Amber for defamation in 2019 after she published an article in The Washington Post about an abusive relationship in which he was not identified. He also filed a lawsuit against The Sun in 2020 after they ran a piece in 2018 labeling him a “wifebeater.”

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Cara Delevingne (2016)

Amber Heard Past Relationships

Cara Delevingne, an actress and model, has been seen with Amber a few times since 2016, the most recent time being in 2021. However, there has never been any proof of a romance between the two. Josh Drew, who was previously married to a friend of Amber’s, testified that she and Cara had an affair during Amber’s marriage to Johnny, according to the Daily Mail in 2020. Josh further claimed that in late 2016, Amber, Cara, and Elon Musk had spent the night together.

Elon Musk (2016–2018)

Amber Heard Past Relationships

According to The Independent, Amber and Tesla CEO Elon Musk dated on and off between 2016 and 2018, with Johnny suspecting the two were having an affair during their time together.

During Johnny’s lawsuit against The Sun, text messages from Amber to Elon were read out in court. Elon stated in one communication that he would provide her with “24/7 security.” He also said, “Even if you never wanted to see me again, the offer would stand… anyhow, sorry for being an idiot. The radio silence is excruciatingly painful. It only matters to me because I adore you.”

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Vito Schnabel (2018)

Amber Heard Past Relationships

Vito Schnabel, an art dealer, was seen out with Amber in May of 2018. However, little is known about their relationship other than the fact that it ended owing to distance concerns.

Bianca Butti (2020–2021)

Amber Heard Past Relationships

Amber and cinematographer Bianca Butti secretly set their wedding date for 2020 to 2021. The two were first seen together in January 2020, then again during the L.A. Women’s March in February 2020. The couple’s relationship was finally revealed, and Bianca even accompanied Amber to many of her court appearances. Amber and Bianca had broken up owing to distance, according to the Daily Mail in 2021. Amber was busy filming Aquaman 2 abroad in addition to welcoming baby Oonagh Paige via surrogacy.

Amber does not appear to be in a relationship at the moment.