Tyler Perry executive produces the American drama television series All the Queen’s Men, which is written by Christian Keyes. In September of 2021, it made its BET+ premiere. A “made for TV” adaptation of Keyes’ 2015 urban romance novel Ladies Night, which is portrayed by Carl Weber, is the show.

All the Queen's Men

This Atlanta drama is set against the backdrop of Marilyn “Madam” DeVille’s narrative. The feisty businesswoman Madam Swaggers is in charge of the profitable enterprise of male exotic bars. A group of devoted employees surround Madam and put forth great effort to ensure the success of both Madam and her business.

On July 14, 2022, the first two episodes of the second season aired. The thrilling finale was “Never Get Too Comfortable.” The final episode of season three aired on August 31, 2023, with a release date of July 20, 2023. Fans are now curious about season 4. We cover every detail of Season 4 of All The Queen’s Men in this article.

Season 4 of All The Queen’s Men: Reinstated Status

BET+ has not yet announced a renewal for Season 4 of All the Queen’s Men. Fans will have to wait for an official statement, but All the Queen’s Men Season 3 is creating a lot of enthusiasm. Perhaps because Season 3 of All the Queen’s Men only debuted on July 20, 2023, the official announcement of Season 4 has not yet been made.

Season 4 of All The Queen's Men: Reinstated Status

It’s premature to make any announcements. Many anticipate that Madam’s story will be continued when the show returns, but the producers must first develop a compelling narrative and decide what fresh material should be included.

Possible Release Date for Season 4 of All the Queen’s Men

As we have stated, the last season just ended, and neither BET+ nor any other network has announced a renewal. Consequently, the fourth season of “All the Queen’s Men” has no set release date. When the release date is confirmed, we’ll keep you informed. Follow along with us.

Potential Cast for Season 4 of All The Queen’s Men

No cast announcement has been made, as previously announced in the absence of a renewal announcement. Season 4 will likely see the return of the original cast.

Potential Cast for Season 4 of All The Queen's Men
  • Marilyn “Madam” DeVille, played by Eva Marcille
  • Black Skyh Alvester as Amp “Addiction” Anthony.
  • DJ Dime, played by Candace Maxwell
  • Blue is Racquel Palmer.
  • As Doc, Michael Bolwaire
  • Kendrick Lamar as Babyface
  • As El Fuego, Dion Rome
  • Williams, Jeremy (as Midnight)
  • “The Concierge,” Raphael, played by Christian Keyes Assamese
  • JP Mitchell in the role of Ms. Patty
  • As Shemika, Bruna Boa Mutundae
  • Carter, the Form as Difficulty
  • Russell Oshea as Tommy
  • As Red, Donny Carrington
  • Teresa Singleton, played by Leslie Sheri
  • Rayshon is played by J. Marques Johnson.

Season 4 of All The Queen’s Men: Storyline

From its 2021 premiere, All the Queen’s Men has been described as an American drama series. Since the program tells the life story of Marilyn “Madam” DeVille, Atlanta serves as the setting.

Season 4 of All The Queen's Men: Storyline

In her introduction, Madam Swaggers is shown as a formidable and astute businesswoman who controls the entire male exotic nightclub industry because she enjoys playing and makes her own decisions at work.

In addition, Madam surrounds herself with reliable staff members so that she may get advice and ensure that her empire is achieving all of its predetermined objectives.

However, they constantly encounter drama and issues in their business, and occasionally everything is at risk. It’s fascinating to observe whether the empire is about to collapse or whether it will continue to expand.

Season 4 of All The Queen's Men: Storyline

The program demonstrates her unwavering resolve and concentration on growing the industry and everything under her control. But when a sector is growing, there are always new issues.

Where Can I Watch Season 4 of All The Queen’s Men?

The first three seasons of “All The Queen’s Men” are available to stream on BET+. On the same platform, the fourth season will be available for viewing upon its release.

Where Can I Watch Season 4 of All The Queen's Men?

Is a trailer for Season 4 of All the Queen’s Men available?

No, the fourth season trailer for All The Queen’s Men is not yet available. For the time being, the season 3 trailer is seen below.


The Address by King It is anticipated that a significant portion of the tale will be covered in the next fourth season. For instance, Christian and Madam may cooperate to address their father, who has always been a great mystery.

In addition, they must come to terms with the startling revelation that Blue has always been a member of their family. The continuation of the romance between the four strippers and their decision to either work behind Madam and betray her or put loyalty above money are anticipated events in the upcoming season.

These are mostly the expectations for All the Queen’s Men Season 4, although if additional details become available, the plot of the show may become even more fascinating.

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