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Who is Alexander Dreymon Dating? His Relationship Status in 2022!

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Alexander Dreymon is a German-born actor best known for his role as Uhtred of Bebbanburg in the historical fiction drama TV series “The Last Kingdom.” He’s also been in TV shows like ‘American Horror Story: Coven,’ as well as films like ‘Christopher and His Kind,’ ‘Blood Ransom,’ and ‘Resistance.’ He’s also appeared in a number of theatre productions. Dreymon’s parents encouraged him to pursue a career in medicine, but he found acting to be his true calling. He speaks German, French, and English fluently as a result of his upbringing in several countries. Dreymon is a trained horseback rider as well as a martial arts specialist, in addition to his acting skills.

Dreymon Alexander Early years:

Dreymon was born Alexander Doetsch in Germany and grew up in the United States, France, and Switzerland.

Dreymon grew up always wanting to be an actor. He has a background in martial arts and learned to ride horses while living in South Dakota. He studied in Paris, then trained for three years at Drama Centre London.

Alexander Dreymon’s Professional Life

Dreymon made his stage debut in London and Paris before making his screen debut in the French one-off-dramatization after a long period of preparation at Drama Center London. Ni repetition, ni échangée, and later appeared in the British film Christopher and His Kind opposite Doctor Who’s Matt Smith.

Dreymon worked on a few independent films in the United States, as well as portraying Luke Ramsey in five episodes of American Horror Story’s third season, Coven.

In the Netflix series The Last Kingdom, Dreymon portrays Uhtred of Bebbanburg.

With his exciting and seductive acting, the German-born actor has astounded fans and critics alike. Alexander was set to join the ranks of other A-rundown entertainers in superstardom, but he kept fainting the crowd, making him one of the most well-known “The Last Kingdom” series characters.

Fine acting, trilingual skills (he speaks German, English, and French), solid physique, and attractiveness! Isn’t Alexander Dreymon essentially an entire package? In any event, it might come as a surprise to learn that he doesn’t particularly enjoy gracing the paparazzi’s spotlight with various associates on sometimes.

Alexander does, in fact, like to keep his personal life hidden. In this piece, we’ll dive into everything we can about the German-American heart that beats in our own lives.

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“The Last Kingdom” was a career highlight for Alexander Dreymon.

Alexander Dreymon Dating

The majority of people will recognize Alexander as the series’ main character, Uhtred of Bebbanburg. Alexander’s outstanding acting talent continues to wow fans, having first aired on BBC America and BBC Two in 2015 before being picked up by Netflix in 2018.

In an interview with “Assortment,” he remarked of his increasing fan base, “The fans have been astounding.” It was a verbal exchange. Our company has never done a lot of marketing before. We find a way to make ends meet, and it’s all thanks to the fans.”

We see a cherished and warm icon!

“The Last Kingdom” is, unfortunately, coming to an end soon, with Season 5 being the final season. Many fans are still not willing to let go of the sword’s conflicting documented exaggeration at this time.

According to “The Last Kingdom’s” Twitter account and a photo posted on Alexander’s Instagram account, the series is currently in development. The actor shared a behind-the-scenes photo of himself dressed as a boxer, replete with Uhtred’s infamous man bun. “(Adulation) to our B-Cam crew,” he wrote on the post.

Up to this moment, Alexander has likewise had a pleasant and steady life. His true identity has not been revealed as a result of any outrageous or terrifying stories, putting his entire career in jeopardy. Surprisingly, reports about his sexual life have been the most widely discussed aspect of his life.

Alexander Dreymon’s followers were eager to understand who had captivated Alexander Dreymon’s heart because he is such a quiet and discreet person. His amazing acting abilities and science with his co-stars regularly transport fans, fueling yet another love rumor.

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Who is Alexander Dreymon’s Girlfriend?

Alexander Dreymon’s girlfriend is Tonia Sotiropoulou. They were discovered and identified between 2010 and 2012. The couple met when they were paired up for a picture session, which turned out to be quite stressful. Despite this, there is no record of them talking about each other in interviews, let alone making an honorary appearance on the walkway!

Tonia is well known for her roles as Vixen in Paramount Pictures’ adaptation of the classic legend “Hercules” and as Bond’s little kid in 2012’s “Skyfall.”

Despite the fact that their private relationship looked to be going well away from the paparazzi, Alexander and Tonia divorced in 2012. The reason for their breakup is yet unknown.

Tonia had a brief relationship with Greek model Dimitris Alexandrou and two long-term relationships with individual Greeks Alexis Georgoulis and then Kostis Maravegias, although Alexander was adamant about not giving his heart to another woman!

Alexander keeps his personal life a closely guarded secret. There are no attractive images on his social media pages that lead followers to believe he is currently dating someone. Given the circumstances, it’s possible he doesn’t want to date, or that he’s simply that good at being silent, as we suspect!

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Alexander Dreymon’s Dating History

Relationship between Alexander Dreymon and Emily Cox

Uhtred, Alexander’s character in “The Last Kingdom,” was a formidable warrior whose patience and loyalty were put to the test throughout the series. Emily Cox’s character Brida, a Saxon young woman, was claimed to have nurtured him as her own kid.


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Given that the final season of “The Last Kingdom” is now in production, the couple still has time to reignite their off-screen romance.

Relationship between Alexander Dreymon and Eliza Butterworth

Alexander’s connection with Eliza Butterworth, who plays Lady Aelswith in the show, is also a source of irritation for him. “Glad Easter from Lord Uhtred and I!” Eliza captioned an Instagram snapshot of herself and Alexander later that day. “Just call me the Lady of Bebbanburg!” says the Lady of Bebbanburg. I’m no longer Lady Aelswith…


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Eliza has also shared some lovely photos of James on her Instagram account, demonstrating their happy connection.

Relationship between Alexander Dreymon and Anne Curtis

Another lovely woman who has been romantically associated with Alexander Dreymon is Anne Curtis-Smith, a Filipina-Australian performer. Alexander and Anne met for the first time in 2014 on the set of the film “Blood Ransom.”


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The science of Alexander and Anne appears to have successfully captured the hearts of the fans! Many people wished they could also live in the real world!

Unfortunately for Alexander enthusiasts, Anne’s story was subsequently debunked. In November 2017, Anne married her longtime lover, chef and gourmet blogger Erwan Heussaf. The pair has been residing in their own home with ease. Three years after their wedding, Anne gave birth to their first child, Dahlia Amelie, who was featured in Anne’s presentation video “Enchantment Kingdom.”

Alexander, it appears, isn’t particularly keen on reviving his on-screen loves!

Alexander once spoke at a conference about his prior sweethearts, which is unusual! “I spent a lot of my childhood in France,” he explained, “and a lot of my girlfriends are actually French.”

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Isn’t it conceivable that Alexander has a sort and prefers to stick to it?

Despite the fact that Alexander has never mentioned their intimate relationship in interviews, he has hinted that he isn’t opposed to being a part of affection sequences. In an interview with “The Sun,” he added, “I wouldn’t worry about the closeness scenes as long as there are hides around.” “I think being cold and helpless in the mud, as well as keeping an eye on people’s breath, is really beneficial to you.”

After learning about his exposed moment emerging from the water in “The Last Kingdom,” Alexander is anxious about becoming known as “the one who goes topless.” “I’m fine with it if it helps others get into watching,” Alexander said.

Although Alexander dislikes the idea of appearing topless on occasion, he said he wouldn’t mind doing so in “The Last Kingdom” because “it’s usually done in the appropriate manner,” rather than “just with respect to me standing there naked.”

Alexander Dreymon is rumored to be gay.

Alexander appears to have made his most well-known acting appearances in the film “Christopher and His Kind,” in which he played Matt Smith’s love interest. Alexander was recognized for his performance as Caspar, a gay man who works as a rentboy in a Berlin gay bar.

Alexander has never come out as a gay guy or discussed his sexuality openly. According to the facts, he never dated a man.

Fans are wondering if the German-American artist is currently focusing his time and energy on his company, if he prefers to keep his personal life private, or if he is hesitant to reveal the whole truth.

Alexander Dreymon’s Net Worth

Alexander Dreymon has made a lot of money in the film and television industries. His net worth is believed to be $6 million.