AEW Fight Forever Release Date

With AEW Fight Forever, the first console game from the 2019 wrestling outfit going up against the venerable WWE, All Elite Wrestling is finally entering the virtual ring.

Fans eagerly anticipate learning more about the AEW Fight Forever release date and every other aspect of the game, which features some of the top talents in the sport right now.

Fans anticipate a return to form when it comes to fast-paced, action-packed wrestling games with Yuke’s at the helm, a developer known for its work on every WWE game prior to 2018.

But until we actually play AEW Fight Forever and see if Yuke’s has managed to live up to the excitement that has been developing around this game, we won’t be able to say for sure.

With that in mind, let’s look at all we know about the release date of AEW Fight Forever and what to anticipate from this new series of wrestling video games.

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AEW Fight Forever Release Date

AEW Fight Forever Release Date

When exactly will the game be released will be everyone’s main concern, and as of right now, September 2022 seems to be the most likely release month for AEW Fight Forever.

According to a recent article by Fightful Select, although it’s likely that further development could influence a decision to delay the release until they’re confident it’s ready.

Early listings on Amazon and Xtralife revealed significant information, but the listed release date of December 31, 2022, is not one that is likely to be accurate.

As of right now, it’s assumed the date is merely a placeholder for shops that are unable to enter the actual date just yet. Online retailers sometimes use the year’s final day as a placeholder of this nature.

The addition of THQ Nordic as the publisher has also recently been confirmed by Kenny Omega, and there’s a good reason why some fans may be familiar with that name.

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AEW Fight Forever Confirmed Roster

AEW Fight Forever Release Date

Around 50 stars are presently reportedly on the AEW Fight Forever roster, however, there may be some conspicuous absences in the initial release.

The roster’s confirmed so far members are:

  • Jericho Chris
  • Debra Allin
  • Shida Hikaru
  • Animal Boy
  • Nicky Omega
  • Statlander, Kris
  • Rose Nyla
  • Oliver Hart
  • Robert Danielson
  • Mr. Punk
  • Ashley Cole
  • Sting
  • rooib soho
  • Storm Rosa
  • Jackson, Matt
  • Nicholas Jackson

According to, Owen Hart will take part in the match as AEW will host the men’s and women’s Owen Hart Foundation tournaments, which will conclude at Double Or Nothing.

Owen Hart hasn’t had an appearance in a video game in almost 20 years; his most recent appearance was in the 2004 game “Showdown: Legends of Wrestling.”

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Are AEW Fight Forever Live Updates a Possibility?

AEW Fight Forever Release Date

According to Omega’s Talksport interview, the answer is yes. The failure of current WWE games to keep up with new signings, unexpected departures, or other roster changes in the same way as FIFA, Madden, NBA 2K, or MLB The Show was a huge flaw.

According to Omega, AEW and Yuke both prioritize shifting the public’s notion that wrestling matches are locked for the duration of a whole year.

As fantastic as it is at launch, as our roster expands—assume let’s we recruit anybody, anyone!—we want to be able to support those new arrivals as well…

Hopefully the upgrades and fresh content will come through right away. At least, that is the plan! In order for everyone to feel informed about the expansion of AEW and our roster.

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AEW Fight Forever Trailers and Gameplay

Two new AEW Fight Forever development update trailers were published by AEW Games in advance of a release date announcement.

These include some extremely early gameplay footage and reveal that Kris Statlander and Nyla Rose will appear on the game’s cast.

The Kris Statlander unveiling trailer is available below:

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