Social media is currently driving everyone insane.

As you browse Twitter and TikTok today, you’ll notice that both platforms are crowded with tweets suggesting that something significant will happen today, but why?

It’s all connected to a very old meme, I suppose. Here’s a detailed explanation if you’re still unclear.

What the 9/10/21 Meme Meant

Vine is no longer around. Similar to TikTok, the social media platform was introduced in 2012 and let users share six-second looping video clips.

The site is where the “What’s Nine Plus Ten” meme and other well-known online memes were created.

A father asked a young boy in the video, “What is nine plus ten,” and the boy responded, “twenty-one.” The video was posted on June 22nd, 2013.

9/10/21 Meme Explained

The dad tells the boy in a humorous way: “No it’s not, you fool. Of course, the answer isn’t 21, it’s 19.

The original clip received 30 million loops, according to Know Your Meme, after which Vine-related remixes and memes flooded the internet.

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A Lot of People Are Linking It to Today’s Date

Look at the date; it is September 9, 2012, or 9/10/21 in numerical form.

Because the data contains the same digits as the 9 + 10 + 21 memes, social media users have been associating today with the eight-year-old video.

Even so, it goes one step further. Even now, there are rumours that something significant will occur today.

People are referring to this day as “Judgement Day,” which in Christianity refers to the day that Jesus, the son of God, will make his appearance on Earth and judge the living and the dead.

9/10/21 Meme Explained

Some people think that the world will end on Judgement Day, bringing about the apocalypse.

Others predict a major terrorist attack or a natural calamity of enormous proportions will occur today.

I sure hope we make it through today unscathed!

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The Uk Is a Safe Place to Be

A joke claiming that you are safe today if you are from the UK is going around Twitter.

In England, people write dates with the day before the month, writing the year backwards.

Accordingly, today’s date would be 10/9/21, which isn’t the same as the meme after all.

Phew! Let’s spend the day in the UK.

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