The gruesome actual story of one of America’s most notorious serial killers is depicted in Dahmer Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, the newest true crime series on Netflix.

Between 1978 and 1991, Dahmer killed 17 men and boys in brutal ways; his 14-year killing rampage only ended when one of his victims managed to flee.

Evan Peters (American Horror Story, Mare of Eastown) plays the “Milwaukee Cannibal” in the ten-episode series. It also demonstrates how the cops fell short, allowing him to escape capture. Here is all the information we know about Ronald Flowers, including his current whereabouts. Ronald Flowers was drugged by Jeffrey Dahmer but miraculously managed to escape.

Who is Ronald Flowers?

The fifth episode of the Netflix series features Ronald Flowers, who is introduced as Ron. Flowers was lured back to his grandmother’s house by Dahmer, who then drugged him with coffee and intended to kill him. However, Flowers’ grandmother overheard the encounter and stepped in to make sure Flowers was okay.

Flowers awakens in the hospital and calls the police to report the event. Dahmer was taken in for questioning but was able to persuade the police that the two were dating. Despite Dahmer’s prior criminal convictions for sexual assault, nothing ever comes of Flower’s allegation, and he is set to go.

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Who Portrays Ron Flowers in The Netflix Series

Who Is Ronald Flowers?

Dyllón Burnside, who is most known for playing Ricky Evangelista in Pose, takes on the role of Flowers.

The actor discussed his “challenging, emotional, and confronting” role in the Netflix series on Twitter.

He killed innocent people without the help of the police, according to his caption. However, their stories won’t be forgotten. Monster Dahmer: At midnight, The Jeffrey Dahmer Story will be available on Netflix. This one was extremely challenging, difficult, and confronting. I’m hoping that sharing Ronald’s experience helps people heal.

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How Did Ronald Flowers And Jeffrey Dahmer Meet?

When he came across Jeffrey Dahmer, Ronald Flowers was a resident of Lake County, Illinois, and he was able to escape his attack. On April 2, 1988, Ronald Flowers left for Milwaukee to buy a waterbed from a buddy.

By the end of the evening, however, events had played out so that he was left stranded in a parking lot with a non-starting car. Flowers couldn’t call for help because his friends had already departed and Jeffrey Dahmer had just materialized out of nowhere, insisting on helping him move the bed.

Flowers and Dahmer first spoke in 1988 when the latter volunteered to help Flowers with a car-related issue. Jeffrey identified himself as Jeff before they arrived at his home.

Who Is Ronald Flowers?

In order to pick up another vehicle, return to the parking lot, and jump-start Ronald Flowers’ automobile, Dahmer invited Ronald Flowers to go to his grandmother’s house.

When they arrived at the home of Dahmer’s grandmother, he offered Ronald a cup of coffee that had been spiked. Flowers was soon knocked out because he didn’t realize Dahmer had increased his coffee intake.

Ronald fell unconscious suddenly and woke up at County General Hospital in Milwaukee bruised all over. His money and bracelet were also gone.

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Following the Conviction of Jeffrey Dahmer, Where Is Ronald Flowers Now?

In the film Jeffrey Dahmer: Mind of a Monster, Ronald Flowers discussed his encounter with Jeffrey Dahmer. It was “sheer fear,” according to Ronald.

He claimed that while giving evidence in court, he was employed as a counselor for the Lake County Division of Mental Health in Illinois. He had been taught to recognize indicators of mental illness in others and had been working with people who had mental illness and developmental impairments since 1985, but he said he hadn’t seen any in Dahmer.

Ronald testified in court that Dahmer would have passed away if his grandma hadn’t been present. Since appearing in the Dahmer documentary, Ronald has made an effort to lead a quiet life and avoid publicity.

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