After the success of Netflix’s most recent true crime blockbuster, “Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story,” and the ensuing controversy, infamous serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer has been in the headlines a lot lately.

Taylor James, the proprietor of the Canadian true crime media marketplace Cult Collectibles, is currently offering a pair of aviator spectacles that are said to have been worn by Dahmer while he was incarcerated for sale for $150,000.

The Netflix series has drawn praise and criticism, and it had the most-watched premiere of any Netflix show. While many have appreciated Evan Peters’ portrayal of Dahmer in “American Horror Story,” others have criticized the show because they believe it glorifies Dahmer while ignoring his victims.

Other things possessed by the murderer, who passed away in 1994, are also up for auction on the website. According to the website, many expensive goods have already been sold. The owner told that James is selling the spectacles directly. The Daily Beast says that the website has previously offered another pair of the murderer’s glasses for sale.

The Ryan Murphy-created sitcom continues to be the subject of discussion, and news of the auction stirred anger online. Cult Collectibles did not respond to a request for comment right away.

How Much Did Jeffrey Dahmer’s Glasses Sell For?

Someone is offering for sale the genuine spectacles that belonged to serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer in response to the popularity of the Netflix true crime drama Monster about his life and crimes. In real life, Dahmer wore distinctive aviator spectacles that are now genuinely for sale if you so desire. They are identical to the ones shown in the Netflix series.

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The owner of Cult Collectibles in Vancouver, Canada, Taylor James, has told TMZ that he is willing to sell his “collectible” item for the pittance of $150k. A couple of years ago, he was able to obtain them as well as a large quantity of additional Dahmer “merchandise” after being contacted by a former housekeeper for Jeffrey’s father, Lionel.

Taylor promised to manage and sell the collection through his website in exchange for a share of the proceeds, and now that the case has gained new attention, he believes he can sell the entire collection and make a tonne of money. Several items that belonged to the murderer are currently being sold by cult collectibles, including his urn, family photos, letters, and the prison-issued copy of the Bible. Yes, I do.

Dahmer was detained in 1991 for the murder of 17 adolescents and men between the late 1970s and the early 1990s. Additionally, it was discovered that he had been eating or saving some of his victims’ body parts. The horrifying tale of the case is told in the ten-part documentary series Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story from the viewpoints of Dahmer, his family, neighbors, and victims.

Jeffrey Dahmer didn’t actually wear his trademark glasses in court because he didn’t want to make eye contact with or even be able to see the relatives of those he had slain, which is one thing the series got wrong about the case in real

Who Owns Jeffrey Dahmer’s Glasses?

We personally wouldn’t want any of these items in our home, if you ask us (or anywhere near us, really). However, there is undoubtedly a market for such ominous artefacts because several of the Dahmer listings on Cult Collectibles have already been sold.

His newborn picture ($640), a number of autographed objects, including bibles ($13,950 for one that has his handwritten remarks), and a Thanksgiving card ($2,740) that he sent to his parents while incarcerated, are all currently off the market.

The $150,000 aviator glasses Dahmer wore while incarcerated aren’t offered on the website, but interested individuals can get them directly from Taylor James, the proprietor of Cult Collectibles.

Media accounts claim that James acquired Jeffrey Dahmer’s possessions via a cleaner who had previously worked with Lionel Dahmer.

Cult Collectibles, which calls itself “Canada’s leading cult and true crime murderabilia site,” has a history of auctioning off such unpleasant objects. The company specializes in artifacts connected to cults, criminals, and pretty much anything eerie. If you’re interested, you can check their entire sales selection here.

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