Milwaukee police made an arrest of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer in the early 1990s for killing 17 men between 1978 and 1991. Although the events leading up to his death took place thirty years ago, Evan Peters’ portrayal of Jeffrey in the Netflix miniseries Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story is educating a new generation about his crimes.

People who watch the Ryan Murphy-produced dramatization will discover how far Jeffrey went to commit each of his crimes. When Tracy Edwards gave the police the tip to search Jeffrey’s flat, which resulted in the finding of photographic evidence documenting the murders, the scope of his wrongdoings was further investigated.

This, together with the fact that the authorities discovered the victims’ remains all throughout the residence, resulted in Jeffrey confessing to 16 charges of murder and getting 16 life sentences.

But his narrative didn’t finish here. In the Netflix series, Jeffrey is sentenced to time served at the Columbia Correctional Facility in Wisconsin. He meets Christopher Scarver there, and when they and another prisoner were cleaning the prison gym unattended, Scarver killed him.

The show’s brutal conclusion had viewers wondering if this was an authentic depiction of Jeffrey’s demise. What you should know about Jeffrey Dahmer’s demise is as follows:

How Did Jeffrey Dahmer Die?

How Did Jeffrey Dahmer Die?

Jeffrey Dahmer passed away on November 28, 1994, at the Columbia Correctional Facility, according to numerous reports. He had been there just over two years at that point. Along with two other prisoners, Jesse Anderson and Christopher Scarver, Jeffrey had been given the task of cleaning the gym that morning.

The Independent said that the group was busy cleaning the showers when jail guards forgot to watch them. After killing a Wisconsin Conservation Corps volunteer, Christopher was sentenced to life in prison. Before entering the gym, he smuggled a metal bar under his clothes.

He pulled out the 20-inch, five-pound bar and beat Jesse and Jeffrey to death after learning they were alone. Although Christopher would subsequently explain to the New York Post why he committed Jeffrey’s murder, it might have seemed like a random act.

“[Jeffrey] overstepped the mark with certain people, including inmates and prison employees. He was not one of those contrite prisoners, he told the publication in April 2015.

Christopher told the newspaper that despite never having engaged with him before the murder, he felt provoked after being jabbed in the back and wasn’t sure which of the other two prisoners had done it.

He added that he had a newspaper copy with him that described Jeffrey’s murderous methods, which only served to inflame his resentment of him.

He continued, “I looked around, and [Jeffrey] and Jesse were kind of chuckling to themselves. I could not identify which of them had done it when I stared directly into their eyes. I questioned [Jeffrey] if he had done those things because I was so abhorrent.

According to Christopher, “He was surprised. He was, indeed. He didn’t take long to begin looking for the door. I obstructed him. He died in the end. I lowered his head.

Later, he received two additional life sentences in addition to the one he was already serving.

Reactions to Jeffrey’s Death

How Did Jeffrey Dahmer Die

Following his passing, Dahmer’s mother Joyce asked the media, “Now is everyone happy? Is everyone satisfied with his death now that he’s been beaten to death?

While some of Dahmer’s victims’ families welcomed the news of his passing, others believed he had gotten off lightly. Oliver Lacy’s mother Catherine Lacy stated: “The hurt is bigger today since he’s not suffering as we are.

Scarver was given two further life sentences for the killings of Dahmer and Anderson in 1995.

Scarver finally revealed why he killed Dahmer more than 20 years after the incident.

Scarver stated that after being spooked by the murderer, who he claimed would create severed limbs out of jail food and smear them with packets of ketchup as blood, he fatally struck Dahmer.

According to Scarver, “He would plant them in areas where people would be,” The New York Post.

“He crossed the line with certain people, including inmates and prison employees. He was not one of the repentant prisoners; some inmates are.

The Jeffrey Dahmer biopic Monster is currently available on Netflix.

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