The private details of the American comedian Whitney Cummings’s sexual life have been strictly off-limits up until this point, but that appears to be about to change.

She has been dating her boyfriend, Alex Barnes, for a significant amount of time at this point. Since the beginning of their partnership, she has highlighted her partner in a romantic context on occasion within the context of her Instagram stories.

In addition, throughout her comedy gigs, she has divulged a number of intimate particulars concerning her relationship with her fiance. Everything that you need to know is right here!

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During the Pandemic, Whitney Cummings and Alex Barnes Became Acquainted:

While the pandemic caused the end of numerous partnerships, Cummings was fortunate enough to find a loving boyfriend in Alex Barnes, who is a veterinarian.

During the comedian’s interview on LIVE with Kelly and Ryan in August 2021, the host inquired about the circumstances surrounding the comedian’s first encounter with the man who would later become her lover.

She added that it occurred at the beginning of the epidemic in her explanation. Another one of her pets was attacked by one of the dogs that she was fostering, and as a result, the eye of one of her smaller dogs was knocked out. Immediately, she made her way to a nearby animal hospital.

On the other hand, due to the fact that it was the beginning of the epidemic, people were terrified of the pandemic. She then went to a couple more vets’ offices, but they refused to let her in, and “no one was interested in helping me with his bleeding puppy,” she said.

who is whitney cummings dating

“And he [Alex] works as a veterinarian; when he saw me, he came out to greet me. And immediately began assisting me. “And he is younger than me, he is like 31 years old, and he is quite attractive,” she continued to say.

She went on to say, “Dan Levy from Schitt’s Creek is one of my closest friends. And we always made jokes about how vets aren’t exactly the hottest profession. He is like, ‘Trust me. This fresh group of young veterans is smoking hot.'”

As she continued, Cummings discussed how she felt when she first saw her now-boyfriend for the first time. “I’m holding a bloodied puppy and freaking out, but I thought to myself that I need to snap a picture of him so that I can give it to Dan.”

As the interview came to a close, the hosts and Cummings discussed how the comedian had built a rock climbing wall in her backyard specifically for her lover. This topic was brought up because it was mentioned at the end of the conversation.

Cummings and Barnes engaged in additional communication after initially coming into contact with one another for the first time. As time went on, they eventually started dating each other. The month of July 2021 marked the beginning of their committed partnership.

Whitney Cummings imagines herself becoming a mother with Alex Barnes as her partner. It had been just three months before Cummings and Barnes began dating when the comedian was performing in Anaheim, California, as part of his Touch Me Tour act.

Whitney Cummings has included her boyfriend Alex Barnes in her Instagram tales on multiple occasions. On several occasions, Whitney Cummings has mentioned her boyfriend, Alex Barnes, on her Instagram stories.

who is whitney cummings dating

During one portion of the show, she disclosed information about her private life to the audience, which was something she had never done in the past. First, she admitted that she isn’t very good at selecting males or forming healthy relationships.

“But here’s something I want to declare to you guys I’ve never said before like no one knows,” she said. “But here’s something I want to announce to you guys I’ve never stated before.” “I’ve been seeing someone, and I’d like for me to be the one to pop the question to him.”

In continuation of what she had previously remarked, she said, “Look, I’m 39. It is not possible for me to assist him in formulating a proposal for a scavenger hunt right now. Since you are unable to provide me with the engagement ring of my dreams, I must ask you, Alex: “Will you make me the happiest girl in the world by allowing me to purchase my own engagement ring?”

Cummings continued by saying that her boyfriend is wonderful and that the two of them are also making excellent progress in their relationship. In addition, she mentioned that she could imagine having children with him in the future, but she doesn’t want to start a family with him until they complete the “23 + Me test.” We can’t move further unless we get those outcomes first.”

Their connection appears to be going from strength to strength at the present time. At this time, there is not a lot of information available on Barnes. On Instagram, he posts under the handle @alex Barnes; however, his account is set to private and cannot be viewed by the public.

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Previous Commitments Had Been Made to Whitney Cummings:

Cummings was formerly engaged to Miles Skinner, a former executive at VICE Media, prior to her meeting the man she is now dating, who is her current boyfriend.

The once engaged couple first connected online in late 2016 and shortly thereafter began dating. She first discussed her connection with Skinner on Conan in November 2017, during an open and honest discussion about the pros and cons of internet dating.

She said, “Either you find a husband or you get murdered. There is no other option.” It’s been ten months since I’ve been in a healthy relationship, and we’ve been getting along great. We arranged to meet on the internet.”

who is whitney cummings dating

They became engaged on September 4, 2018, when Skinner presented Cummings with an unexpected proposal of engagement on the occasion of the latter’s 36th birthday. Even more, she had posted a few pictures and videos of the proposal on her Instagram account.

Later, in November of 2019, she gave an exclusive interview to US Weekly in which she revealed that she had postponed the wedding arrangements and described the process as difficult. “Yeah, you know, it’s stressful,” she admitted to him. It’s quite pricey considering all that’s been going on.

“I don’t want to be that person who does the sponsored wedding and like has to do that… I don’t want to be that person.” I’m trying to figure out how I can make it work. Cummings continued by saying, “We’ll see.”

Only three months and one day later, on February 5, 2020, she announced on her podcast Good For You that she had broken off her engagement to Skinner. At that point, the pair had been together for a significantly longer period of time and had been engaged for approximately a year and a half.

“I am not wearing an engagement ring. I am no longer engaged. Nothing nasty, no drama. It just wasn’t the right time for me to start planning a wedding, and the entire process left me feeling quite stressed. I feel like no one will believe me, but it’s the truth.

She noted that when her mother suffered a stroke, it was challenging to arrange a wedding and concentrate on the event. “My mother’s health is in a very poor state right now. The very thought of planning seemed both daunting and depressing to me at the same time.

Cummings stated her opinion at the end of the conversation, which was that she believed wedding planning should be enjoyable and not a total drag.

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