It’s a common Hollywood trope for actors to form relationships off-screen.

Hollywood power couples like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and Amber Heard and Johnny Depp met on the set and went on to have successful relationships.

Sometimes even going so far as to tie the knot. Stranger Things stars Finn and Sadie have recently been in the spotlight due to dating rumours. However, are Finn and Sadie actually dating?

Here, you’ll find out everything there is to know about the romantic history of Finn Wolfhard and Sadie Sink.

Is There a Romance Between Sadie Sink and Finn Wolfhard?

An anonymous TikTok user posted a video suggesting Sadie and Finn were dating, sparking widespread speculation about their possible romantic involvement.

The allegation spread online among Stranger Things fans despite the fact that neither actor has confirmed the relationship.

Behind the scenes, the two actors who play Max Mayfield and Mike Wheeler in the smash Netflix drama are close friends.

We regret to inform you that Finn and Sadie are not actually a couple.

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Who Is Finn Wolfhard Dating Now?

Once Finn Wolfhard’s romance with Sadie Sink ended badly, he avoided public attention on his romantic life for a long time.

He was becoming a well-known teen actor, but he avoided having the press pry into his personal life by not discussing any relationships that were currently active or were in the works.

Are Sadie and Finn Dating

Until June of 2021, when he made it public on Instagram. An image he uploaded with Elsie Richter, who stars in HBO’s Doll & Em, was the source of the announcement that caused a frenzy among his followers.

The rumours about their romance began in April of that year when they were seen together at an NBA game.

Finn eventually deleted the hazy telltale photo of them he shared on Instagram, and he and Elsie have kept mum about the current state of their relationship.

It’s safe to assume that Finn Wolfhard and Elsie Richter are still very much together despite the fact that there’s very little we know about the present status of their relationship. That hasn’t stopped any of them from pursuing acting careers or landing jobs that called for strong on-screen chemistry.

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The Dating Rumours Between Sadie Sink and Finn Wolfhard Explained

Are Sadie and Finn Dating

People on TikTok seem to have been convinced that Sadie and Finn are dating, which launched the rumour mill. Meanwhile, in 2017, there were a few people who made the assumption that the two were dating.

No one can say for sure who initiated the rumours or how they originated that year, but it didn’t take long for other users to start spreading them.

Quick to share their feelings, fans made reaction videos to the rumours. We regret to inform you that Finn and Sadie are not actually a couple.

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Who Is Sadie Sink Dating Now?

Sadie Sink’s best friend and sister figure in her life right now are Millie Bobby Brown, whom she met through their work on the Netflix series Stranger Things. However, Sadie is now single.

Are Sadie and Finn Dating

Her romantic life has been the subject of numerous reports, rumours, and suspicions.

Her devoted following has gone as far as creating photoshop combinations of her with other celebrities they think would complement her well. Nothing concrete has come of this yet, and there hasn’t been any buzz about her or any other famous person hooking up in a way that would lead to rumours.

She has been observed numerous times, often with her best friend Millie Brown, and always appears to be having a great time. Sadie Sink, at age 20, appears to have her life precisely where she wants it to be, despite the fact that she is not in a relationship at the present time.

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