The fourth season of The Family Chantel on TLC is presently airing, and discussions of Pedro Jimeno and Chantel Everett’s separation are prevalent online.

It’s no secret that they’ve had their share of problems as a couple, but a lot of people still had faith that they’d make it. It seems that the former 90 Day Fiancée couple has ended up being responsible for the demise of yet another marriage.

When a marriage ends, it’s only natural for people to wonder what went wrong. Despite Season 4’s demonstration of Chantel’s suspicions that Pedro is cheating on her, such suspicions have not been verified.

Fans, however, are curious as to whether or not Pedro has returned to the dating scene now that he and his wife have split up. After all, whispers have been going around regarding a potential affair. What we know is as follows.

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Is Pedro Dating Co-Worker Antonella?

Despite rumors to the contrary, there is no evidence to suggest Pedro and Antonella are an item. Her Instagram bio claims she has been dating a man named Daniel Hanna since October 2018; Distractify confirms this.

Nonetheless, she does not discuss men on Instagram, instead writing, “Life is way too precious for you to do anything less than what makes you happy.”

who is pedro dating

Pedro and Antonella both work for Laura Delgado Realty, however Pedro has stated on the show that he prefers spending time with Antonella to Chantel. Even though they are Instagram followers of one other, they have never posted a photo of themselves together.

In the show, Antonella, who is only 20, is already a married mother. Her relationship status on Facebook, however, reads “single” at the time of publication.

Pedro Jimeo Is Rumored to Have Had a Fling with Antonella Barrenechea

The level of drama has reached new heights. If you’ve cheated on your spouse with a coworker, the only thing that might be worse is being suspected of infidelity. This is now the norm in Pedro’s life, unfortunately.

Those who have seen the fourth season of The Family Chantel are certain that Pedro had an affair with Antonella Barrenchea, a coworker of his. Like Antonella, Pedro is employed by Laura Delgado Realty. Also, Pedro has been seen saying that he prefers to hang out with Antonella to Chantel.

As expected, the growing closeness between Antonella and Pedro has strained the relationship between Chantel and Pedro.

Chantel, in reality, does not approve of Pedro’s tight relationship with Antonella or his continual teasing of her. In turn, this has led many to assume that the two are dating.

Neither Antonella nor Pedro have commented on the speculation surrounding their relationship. It’s interesting to note that the fans who have accused Antonella and Pedro of being overly flirtatious with one other would be astonished to hear that Antonella is already taken.

Antonella has been dating a man named Daniel Hanna since at least October of last year, per her Instagram account. Antonella may flirt lightly with Pedro, but she really only has eyes for one man. It would appear that Pedro is content with his single status.

Pedro Jimeno Spotted Vacationing with His Supposed Mistresses

who is pedro dating

With the title “Pedro complains about the excursions that Chantel takes,” u/FL born SC raised of Reddit shared a photo of the Dominican Republic native with Laura, Antonella, and others.

They’re in Peru on vacation with Antonella, and he isn’t there. Several users claimed the photo was proof that Pedro was dating Antonella, especially since his mother also follows her on Instagram, however a closer look revealed that the man in the photo was actually Antonella’s husband, holding their daughter.

Even so, Laura was also visible in the picture, and she seemed to be alone herself. Fans are certain Pedro and Laura are dating because the photo does not appear to be work-related.

It’s fascinating that Pedro is in Peru, as that’s where Laura and Antonella call home. Isn’t this a business trip? There doesn’t seem to be anyone else from the office in the picture.

Comment by u/DowntownTopRanking. u/Sad-Engineering4157 said, “I suppose it was or still is laura this whole time.” Others have pointed out that Pedro can afford to go and yet he still complains about money.

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According to u/natashamommy4life: “He had money for vacations to Peru but sobbed about a retainer cost for an attorney.” Promos for the next episode show a distraught Pedro accusing his ex-wife of stealing all their money from their joint account, which leads to tears.

Because of his commitment to providing for his family, Chantel has garnered the support of many of his supporters.

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