Who doesn’t adore a cute, gifted, and modest female actor or actress? Many well-known actors have tried to resemble Kylie Jenner, but Jenna Ortega is unique.

She appears in the films Iron Man 3, Insidious: Chapter 2, and Jane the Virgin. She has received the Imagen Award for Best Early Actor on Television despite her young age. She has also received many nominations for various awards.

Regarding her relationships and personal life, Jenna is quite private. She is much cuter because of that! However, this does not imply that she becomes nameless because we can still determine their relationship.

Jenna Ortega Never Appeared to Have a Boyfriend

Jenna Ortega is well-known for both her films and her adorable Instagram and Twitter photos. She frequently shares pictures of herself on Instagram, where she has close to 7 million followers.

However, because Jenna rarely makes any indications about her relationships on social media, it is difficult to determine who she might be dating there.

Jenna, though, is deserving of all seven million compliments from her fans. We can see by her path and what she has accomplished so far that she is a young actor with a lot of talent and drive.

Her most recent notable performance came in the second season of You, when she played Ellie Alves.

She also had a lot of new chances presented to her as a result of her role in The Babysitter: Killer Queen. Following the success of that movie, Jenna went on to play the lead part as well as supporting roles in subsequent productions.

Therefore, it is understandable why many people have always been curious about the lucky man who would win Jenna’s heart.

Many well-known names are associated with her name. Jenna, however, asserted that she has never dated anyone who has been linked to her. What?! Who is she dating, then? Has she ever dated any of the other actors? What is her current romantic situation?

Jenna has never named the man she is formally dating. In actuality, she has never made an official declaration of dating anyone. She had done a fantastic job of protecting her privacy.

Jenna Ortega appeared on the Just Between Us podcast in February 2019 and shared her thoughts on dating. She claimed that the weirdest thing she had ever read online was people’s rumours about her relationships.

Jenna wondered how so many people bought into the rumour even if none of them were even true.

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Asher Angel and Jenna Ortega Dated One Another?

Asher Angel, who has been in films including Shazam! and Jolene, was the subject of the most recent rumour about her. The allegation began after the two appeared to be dating when they showed up at Just Jared’s Annual Halloween Party.

The two dressed as Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson for Halloween, and they looked just precious.

Jenna Ortega and Rumored Boyfriend Asher Angel

They persisted in showing up together. In 2018, Asher Angel and Jenna Ortega were discovered attending a fashion show and the Venom movie premiere.

Asher then posted an image of his interaction with Jenna on Instagram with the description “this one” and a red heart emoji. Asher is known for his expressiveness. Naturally, we couldn’t help but imagine them together!

who is jenna ortega dating

Because they frequently shared their happy moments together and made sure the public didn’t miss a thing, their great chemistry could also be observed in their Instagram stories. Both of them were probably completely smitten with one another.

They simply avoided making it an official relationship or openly admitting it. In addition, don’t you believe they are still too young to be in a committed relationship? On his live stream, Asher Angel unintentionally revealed his relationship status.

Asher streamed a live feed on his Instagram shortly after they appeared in the premiere. Then, when one of his followers asked him if he had a girlfriend, he unintentionally said “yes” before finally correcting his response.

“Well, no. I don’t. I’m sorry, but I’m kind of exhausted,” the actor clarified.

However, his supporters thought that he actually did mean his first response, and the woman he was referring to was Jenna Ortega. The two weren’t a thing, though, and Jenna later verified that Asher had made a mistake. Asher could have had a girlfriend, but she wasn’t Jenna.

Since she is still young, Jenna doesn’t seem to be interested in dating anyone and instead wants to put her profession first.

Additionally, she didn’t appear to care about the rumours and chatter that were circulating about her romantic life. Even though Jenna had rejected it, some media outlets continued to claim that their connection was genuine.

In addition to Asher, Jacob Sartorius, a well-known singer, was also said to be Jenna’s boyfriend. Because they appeared to be a really loving couple and looked beautiful together, her followers were ecstatic about their relationship! But was that the reality or were those merely the expectations others had of them?

Jenna Ortega and Ex Bf Jacob Sartorius

Everything they did after the story spread seemed to veer toward what a true couple would do. Jacob also tweeted that he “had a crush,” although he left out the girl’s name.

Then one of his followers retorted, “Is it Jenna Ortega?” which suggests that the stories travelled more quickly than Jacob had anticipated.

who is jenna ortega dating

Well, if that was the case, it made sense because Jacob tweeted it just a few days after being photographed with Jenna in New York City. Together, the two posed for several photos. They unmistakably appeared to be a young couple enjoying their courtship.

Jenny, it turned out, was the lead singer of one of Jacob’s songs called Chapstick. After witnessing them share a kiss in the video, the viewers were even more convinced, stating that their chemistry was simply too intense to be something that was done solely for the camera.

When the Chapstick music video came on, it was more obvious that the scene had actually been filmed in New York. Does this imply that they enjoyed their time together while wandering through New York City solely for the purpose of the song video?

Sadly, the reply is in the affirmative. Therefore, some others thought that Jacob and Jenna didn’t actually hang out outside for work-related reasons.

Since Chapstick, we also no longer hear about them in the news. That’s very terrible because Jenna’s supporters also really loved her and Jacob, just like Asher’s fans did.

Until now, it has been unclear whether Jacob and Jenna are still close friends. Despite the fact that both of them are rather active on Instagram, they both keep their personal lives very secret. They must be quite clear about what information they want to share with their supporters and what they don’t, right?

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Jenna Ortega and Isaak Presley Have a Sweet Relationship

There were rumours that Jenna was seeing her co-star as well. She was spotted getting close to Isaak Presley on set when she played Harley Diaz in the TV show Stuck in the Middle.

In the show, Isaak played Jenna’s older brother. Shipping characters that were portrayed as siblings on screen would seem strange, wouldn’t it? So what led many to believe that Isaak and Jenna were dating at the time?

Their excellent chemistry and intimacy on set served as the catalyst for everything. Additionally, Isaak didn’t think twice to publicly display their friendship on social media. When Jenna turned seventeen, he gave her a heartfelt birthday greeting.

who is jenna ortega dating

Isaak captioned an image of a slideshow of their adorable interactions with, “Oh boy, my little sister is 17.”

“Jenna, you have without a doubt had a significant impact on my life,” he continued. I am extremely proud of you because you are the most tough and powerful girl I know. You have overcome so many challenges at such a young age and have outperformed everyone’s expectations.

You are exceptional in all you do. I am absolutely soooo freaking proud of you for using your voice to promote change and positivity. Enjoy turning 17 and keep being who you are. Junebug, I love you. I really miss you. Enjoy these classics, p.s.

Then Jenna retorted in the comments, “The worst pictures. But I’m grateful, cowboy. I’m very happy to call you my brother and be able to see you every day for almost four years. I adore you the most!

Aren’t they the cutest things ever? It demonstrates how deeply and genuinely they cared for one another. The crucial query, though, remained: were Jenna and Isaak dating in real life?

Unfortunately, they remained best friends and never developed a romantic relationship. However, given how endearing and sincere their friendship is, we are not upset that they are not a couple.

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