American singer and actress Dove Cameron recently won Best New Artist at the MTV Video Music Awards. Dove Cameron’s dating history has drawn attention due to her rising reputation, and many people are curious about her relationships.

Star Dove Cameron possesses both acting and musical talent. Her dual role in the Disney Channel sitcom “Liv and Maddie” garnered her the Daytime Emmy Award while she was in her mid-20s, and she has since received numerous more acting honors.

She was noticed in the entertainment world because of her acting and singing. Additionally, she has gone on to accomplish amazing things in her musical career. In 2022, she made her song “Boyfriend” available. She has already gained recognition as a gifted singer, winning the Best New Artist prize at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2022.

In a September 2022 interview with Today, Cameron talked candidly about how her popular song “Boyfriend” is tailored to her own experience. The singer explained how the songs she performs are “really her” when the song became viral on TikTok in 2022.

Her brief history of relationships includes one with a former co-star and fellow actor. Following her announcement that she is bisexual, many people have inquired as to whether she is currently dating or single.

Ryan McCartan

Ryan McCartan

Ryan and Dove dated for four years. The two actors co-starred in Liv and Maddie as the on-screen relationship between Maddie and Diggie. The pair engaged around this time, and they also started a band named The Girl and the Dreamcatcher! In an interview with People in April 2016, Dove disclosed details of the engagement.

“It was really spontaneous. It was flawless. She described the proposal as being less formal and more romantic and bohemian. “We both made it quite plain to one another that we thought the other was the one for us. You are aware that I love you. There isn’t anyone else. I didn’t anticipate it to change anything because we already knew we wanted to be married one day.

However, a “fiancé” and a “boyfriend” are quite different. I genuinely believe that I have never felt so composed before. I experience a strong grounding. I feel great.

They both confirmed their breakup on Twitter in October 2016. “Dove has determined that she doesn’t want this relationship.

We remain deeply in love with one another. This is painful, so please be understanding,” Ryan stated. “Thank you for your support and open hearts in this very trying and human time,” Dove continued. Between Ryan and I, there is a great deal of love. Life is both lovely and lengthy.

After their split, the ex-couples traded harsh criticism, but things appeared to be getting better between them in April 2019 when Dove was kind in an interview with Access at Disney Channel Fan Fest. She stated, “I’m really grateful for that experience and what he taught me. My first boyfriend, I found through Liv and Maddie.

Thomas Doherty

Thomas Doherty

Following their appearance in Descendants 2 together, these two celebrities became closer, and in February 2017, they made their romance public. In July 2019, Dove was open and honest about her initial thoughts on Thomas with Seventeen Magazine.

“I just felt he was kind of a playboy, you know? He’s just too naughty, charming, and attractive to — I know this sounds terrible, but to be good to me,'” she said. “I never imagined a happy outcome. I thought, “I’m going to prevent the worst mistake of my life by staying away from you.”

He also challenged me to an eye-to-eye stare-off, asking me to see who could withstand eye contact and look away first rather than who could blink first. And we experienced a variety of feelings side by side.

We’d have extreme happiness followed by extreme sadness, and then we’d both start laughing at the same time. We both started crying at that point, and he said to me something that I’ll always remember. He said, “I guess I just fell in love with you,” scarcely having known me.

She stated, “Right from the beginning, my relationship with Thomas has been unlike anything I’ve ever encountered with another person. Although it sounds corny, when we first met, it truly seemed like the earth had moved for both of us. Within a week of meeting me, he declared his love for me, and he has never reneged on that promise.

Thomas Doherty

He has a good soul. a well-intentioned, wholly innocent source of tenderness and kindness, modesty and endless patience. I’ve never known equality like we do, a sincere admittance of who and what we are as a team and the visceral sense that this is the correct thing. My rock has been Thomas.

No matter how odd, dark, or heavy a thought or emotion may be, he provides me with a safe haven and an endless supply of kindness and patience. He is my everything.

Dove referred to Thomas as “the one” when speaking with Entertainment Tonight in November 2019. They separated in October 2020 after celebrating their third wedding anniversary in February 2020. Dove disclosed the couple’s breakup on social media in December 2020, a few months after it had occurred.


Dove Cameron is a talented American singer and actress who has been in a number of relationships throughout her career. She was engaged to Ryan McCartan, her co-star from “Liv and Maddie,” for four years before the couple broke up in 2016.

She later dated Thomas Doherty, her co-star from “Descendants 2,” for three years before they separated in 2020. Dove has referred to Thomas as “the one” in the past and has spoken openly about her relationships in interviews.

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