Chloe Bennet is a well-known American actress and singer, but she is most well-known for her role as Daisy Johnson in the spy-fi series Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., which airs on the ABC network.

Among her other film credits are those for the movies Nostradamus and Valley Girl (2018). She provided the voice for the animated feature Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast’s character, Chase.

Quick Facts:

Full NameChloe Michelle Wang
Birth dateApril 18, 1992
Birth PlaceChicago, IL
ProfessionTV Actress
Net Worth$3 million
Martial StatusSingle

In addition to that, she is well-known in the entertainment industry as an actress who dated a variety of different guys.

Her allure and beauty make it impossible to resist her. But is there anything else that we should be aware of concerning her relationship? Wonder no more!

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Is Chloe Bennet Dating Someone New?

Chloe Bennet does not have a boyfriend at the moment. Throughout her life, she has been in a number of different partnerships. Let’s take a trip down memory lane and think back on some of Chloe’s most unforgettable past relationships, shall we?

A Relationship with John Cody that Didn’t Last Long

Chloe Bennet is not currently dating anyone, despite the fact that she has been linked to a number of notable stars in the past. Her most recent relationship was with John Cody, who plays John Cody in Power.

John and Chloe had a relationship in the year 2020. The two started a romantic relationship in January of 2020 and posted some images of their cute moments together.

chloe bennet dating

It appears that this duo never wants their admirers to miss everything that they have to offer. This couple always made sure that everyone was aware of what was going on between them, whether it was through Instagram stories or Snapchat.

However, their romance did not last long before it dissolved. They broke up in the same year, and it wasn’t until much later that others realized they had unfollowed each other on Instagram.

As soon as they started going out together, it felt like their relationship was going downhill fast. On the other hand, they did not discuss the reasons behind the breakup. After their relationship ended, neither John nor Chloe went out with anybody else.

Chloe Bennet Had Changed Logan Paul’s Life for the Better

Chloe also dated an American YouTuber and social media celebrity by the name of Logan Paul, but their relationship did not last very long. Even though their relationship didn’t last for very long, Logan claims that being with Chloe “changed his life.”

chloe bennet dating

In the interview he gave shortly after he and Chloe ended their relationship, Logan said, “I have so much affection for her, and I am so blessed that I got to shoot that movie and spend time with her and reap the rewards of being in her presence.”

He also said, “and she became a light for me in many respects during a time when I did not have one.” It would appear that Logan places a great deal of importance on their connection; nevertheless, what are Chloe’s thoughts on the subject? And what brought these two people together for the first time?

Chloe held the identical point of view. Chloe posted on her Twitter that her friend Logan had been described by her boyfriend as “kind, creative, witty, vibrantly curious about life, quirky as f**k in all the greatest ways, a giant dork, and he is one of my best friends.”

She sent the tweet with the intention of responding to whoever had questioned her choice to date, Logan Paul. Someone asked her, “Just wondering why you would do that.” (Just wondering why you would do that)

chloe bennet dating

In July of 2017, after they were observed making out in Hawaii, Logan and Chloe revealed on Logan’s vlog that they were seeing each other as a couple. When they first met, it was on the set of the movie Valley Girl, where they ended up working together and quickly became fast friends.

Their engagement was short-lived, only lasting until October of 2018. And not too much longer after that, Paul moved on to American model and influencer Josie Canseco.

The fact that Logan praised Chloe so highly was not unwarranted for any reason. Chloe stood by his side when he was reviled by everyone else for dishonoring Aokigahara, also known as Japan’s “suicide forest,” by publishing an image of a dead body and failing to show respect for the culture.

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She went so far as to tell him that it was his responsibility to deal with the repercussions of his actions. “She is like, ‘Yo, and this behavior is going to bite you in the ass.'” “I don’t know how, and I don’t know when, but you’re going to crash and burn,” Logan recalls saying at one point.

To be honest, Chloe looks to be an understanding and responsible partner. Despite this, neither of them discussed why they decided to end their relationship. However, they did talk about the other person in their group. Therefore, it appears to be on friendly terms.


Chloe Bennet does not presently have a boyfriend in her life.

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