Let’s just say that if you know anything about Joseph Queen, aka Eddie Munson of Stranger Things fame, you know everything.

While it took the jury a while to reach a conclusion, towards the end of the fourth season, everyone was in agreement: Eddie Munson can stay. The British actor had joined the adored cast to play the newest member of Hawkins High (that said, more on his Stranger Things fate here).

Before the premiere of season four, Quinn remarked to ELLE Australia, “Getting to know [the actors] was a treat.” They’re simply interesting individuals, he continued.

He might be able to speak for himself as well, given that a quick scroll through TikTok now reveals a vast array of Eddie Munson stuff. Slowly but surely, he’s become a heartthrob, and of course, with his rise to fame, everyone is wondering if he is dating anyone.

We look into the response below.

Whom does Stranger Things actor Joseph Quinn date?

For fans of Stranger Things, Joseph Quinn appears to be a single man. He is not rumored to be dating anyone, according to reports or rumors. He seems to be a secretive person who prefers to keep his private affairs hidden. Even his past relationships are unknown.

And you’d be quite disappointed if you thought that looking at his social media account would reveal any information about who he might be dating.

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Despite having an Instagram account with over 5 million followers, Joseph rarely posts. He even admitted to not managing his account, according to Vulture.

His social media account is actually being run by a close friend of his. You won’t learn anything about his romantic life on his Instagram page because the majority of the posts are advertisements.

Although it hasn’t been made known, there is a remote chance that he is dating someone in secret. So long as Joseph isn’t officially shown to be dating someone or isn’t seen out and about in a romantic way, we’ll have to assume he’s single.

Doja Cat appears to request help from Noah Schnapp in getting in touch with Joseph Quinn.

On July 6, actor Noah Schnapp of Stranger Things shared a now-deleted TikTok of Doja Cat DMing him on Instagram and requesting his assistance in setting her up with Joseph Quinn.

Doja Cat noted, “Noah, can you tell Joseph to HMU,” in the screenshot of the chat. No, wait. If so, who is she? “Lmaooo sneaks into his DMs,” Noah then responds.

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Doja replies that she was unaware of his social media login details. Then, with the remark “Right here ma’am,” Noah offers her a direct link to Joseph’s Instagram account.

Joseph Quinn Girlfriend

People started to speculate that Doja Cat was involved after Noah posted the TikTok video, which caused the internet to go berserk. It appears that she wasn’t based on Doja Cat’s most recent TikTok video.

She first mentions in the video that Noah is young and that perhaps this explains why he may not have been socially conscious of what he did.

Later on, however, she continues, calling what he did “crazy” and “borderline snake sh*t.” Noah hasn’t responded to Doja’s most recent video as of the time of writing. Really, all we want is for Noah and Doja Cat to have a private conversation and makeup.

We also wonder what Joseph Quinn believes about this whole situation. The wisest course of action is probably for him to remain silent about the circumstance. I suppose we’ll just have to wait and see.

You can watch Stranger Things season 4 exclusively on Netflix in the interim to see Joseph Quinn as Eddie Munson!

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Relationship History of Joseph Quinn

Joseph Quinn Girlfriend

Quinn has maintained his privacy for the majority of his acting career despite working continuously as an actor for more than ten years. The hottie has a fairly low-key life, as evidenced by the fact that he has virtually no social media presence. The actor very recently opened an Instagram account in May, and he has primarily used it to advertise “Stranger Things” so far.

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