Elvis Presley, the King of Rock and Roll and the Keeper of Many Hearts, was known for his legendary charm with the ladies, and he managed to keep many of them smitten with him for years after his prime. Of course, the fact that he was attractive, well-known, and famous, with a voice and stage presence that had become a cult fixation, didn’t hurt, either.

Many of his exes have nothing but praise for the music icon, despite the large age disparities and rumors of adultery that have been linked to him. We take a look at the ladies who Elvis fell in love with here…

The Relationships and Romances of Elvis Presley

“Priscilla Presley”

Elvis Presley Relationships

While serving in the United States Army in Germany in 1959, Elvis Presley met the woman who would become his one and only wife. The age difference between them was 24 years. After Elvis’s death, despite being Hollywood’s “it” pair at the time, significant criticism of their relationship emerged.

Priscilla was given the moniker “kid bride” because she dated Elvis when still in her teens. She writes in her autobiography, Elvis and Me, that they delayed having sexual relations until after their marriage, which took place when she was 21. The couple tied the knot in 1967 and had their only child, Lisa Marie, in 1968.


Elvis Presley Relationships

Even though Elvis and Ann-Margret played lovers on-screen in Viva Las Vegas (1964), their real-life affair continued long after filming wrapped.

When Elvis began seeing Priscilla, the former couple began having an affair. Ann discussed the couple’s passionate fling, even though the Change of Habit actor ultimately chose to be with the Dallas actress.

She described their connection as “extremely strong and very intense” in her 1994 autobiography, Ann-Margret: My Story. According to The New York Times, she described the sensation as “a current, an electricity that ran straight through us.” “It would grow into a power we couldn’t tame.”

The Bye-Bye Birdie starlet even disclosed to Closer Weekly that they share many of the same passions. She reflected Closer on how much her family and her faith meant to her.

Ann-Margret divorced Elvis in 1964 and remarried her late husband Roger Smith the following year.

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Natalie Wood

Elvis Presley Relationships

According to USA Today, the public viewed Presley’s brief romance with Natalie Wood as a PR gimmick. She maintains that Wood, who passed away in 1981, did not see it that way. Lana Wood published a memoir titled “Natalie: A Memoir by Her Sister” in which she argues that her sister’s relationship with Wood was genuine.

She added that Presley had flown Wood to Memphis to meet his family, but that things had gone awry once Wood met Gladys, Presley’s mother. The same newspaper also quotes Lana as saying that Natalie thinks his mother is envious and overbearing. Their breakup came shortly after that.

Connie Stevens

Elvis Presley Relationships

Elvis also had a brief relationship with Connie Stevens. The Hawaiian Eye actress told author Alanna Nash everything in a 2010 book titled Baby, Let’s Play House about the night she went on a date with Elvis.

When asked about him, she responded, “I knew this was a fellow who could crush your heart.” It was remarked, “There was something incredibly attractive about him.” She declared Elvis to be “one of the loves of my life,” despite their relationship has lasted for barely two years.

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Linda Thompson

Elvis Presley Relationships

After his divorce from Priscilla, Presley began seeing Linda Thompson. When they first met, at age 22, the former beauty queen was already famous for her height and golden hair.

They were together for around four years, during which time she gave an interview to CNN in which she characterized Presley as an “inordinately kind spirit,” who constantly showered her with presents. She praised him as a “wonderful” individual who exhibited “respect” and “loyalty.”

Some people even rank his friendship with Thompson above his marriage to Priscilla! During his interview with CNN, Thompson revealed that Presley didn’t think he was a drug addict because he just used prescription medication. He was eventually admitted to the hospital, and Thompson asked to be placed next to him so she could assist with his recuperation.

After four and a half years together, she claims she saw that he would never stop cheating or abusing prescription drugs. This is according to Nicki Swift. At that point, she decided to end the relationship. At a later date, Linda Thompson wed Caitlyn Jenner, from whom she later divorced.

Peggy Lipton

Elvis Presley Relationships

Breathing Out, Peggy Lipton’s memoirs from 2005, details her brief 1971 romance with Elvis Presley. The biography of the Twin Peaks actress revealed intimate details of her past relationship with the handsome idol.

She said that he “kissed like a god, but that was about it” in her book. “Beside me, he didn’t seem like a man so much as a boy who’d never grown up.”

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Alden, Ginger

Elvis Presley Relationships

Ginger Alden was only 21 when Presley met her in his early 40s, but the two instantly fell in love. She, too, had competed in beauty pageants in the past. They subsequently moved in together at Graceland and became engaged.

Ginger Alden wrote a memoir called Elvis & Ginger: Elvis Presley’s Fiancée and Last Love Finally Tells Her Story in which she claims that her relationship with Presley was abusive.

Apparently, when he didn’t get his way, he would resort to shooting around the home, as she described to Ranker.

As Alden recounted, she and Elvis Presley had one last discussion before he passed away in 1977, at the age of 42. Alden was the one to discover Presley’s body after he had fallen over the toilet in his bathroom. She said he had mentioned having more children and that they had discussed planning a wedding.

“He informed me a few weeks before he departed that he had been away from work too long, and he was in a good mood; we had just set a wedding date hours before he died. She told the Daily Express that he was eager to resume performing on stage.

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