Billie Eilish’s fans have always been curious in the singer’s private life. The ‘Happier than Ever’ singer has fueled rumors that she is already expecting by discussing the prospect of motherhood in her most recent interview.

The 20-year-old singer caused a stir on the internet when some of her fans decided to investigate whether or not she was pregnant under her loose-fitting Oscars gown.

Now, we’ll explain why, after her interview with The Times UK, others started thinking along these lines.

Billie Eilish on Having Her Own Children

The joy of motherhood is one that Billie would give anything to experience.

The singer has been very open about her desire to become a mother, saying, “I would rather die than not have kids.” It’s crucial for me to have them. But she is aware of the obligations and sacrifices that come with having a child.

Billie Eilish Discusses Children in 2022, But She Isn't Pregnant!

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“The more life I live, the more I wonder, ‘What am I going to do when my kid feels that this is the proper thing to do and I’m, like, no, it’s not! The singer lamented, “And they won’t listen to me.” The World Gets a Little Blurry for Billie Eilish’s Premiere Concert


Billie’s comment makes it plain that she would like to start a family in the future, but it does not prove that she is pregnant at this time. She also hasn’t divulged any information about when she hopes to become pregnant.

But that hasn’t stopped social media from being awash with speculations to the contrary.

The musician was one of many who fell for a pregnancy scam on TikTok that had no foundation but yet went viral. False sonograms attributed to well-known musicians were reportedly uploaded by some individuals.

After she appeared with her hands on her belly for photos at the 2022 Oscars, another ridiculous pregnancy rumor began circulating online.

Billie was not pregnant at the time, and that is still not the case now. But it’s evident that she has ambitions to achieve that status in the future.

Singer Was Dating Matthew Tyler

Billie Eilish Discusses Children in 2022, But She Isn't Pregnant!

In terms of her private life, Billie was involved in a relationship with Matthew Tyler.

In May of 2022, Matthew acknowledged his breakup from Billie in an Instagram story while addressing suspicions of adultery.

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Everyone was faithful to their partners,” he penned. Sometimes people just stop being friends with each other. In a nutshell, that’s how it works. It’s risky to spread false information and misinformation online.

In April of 2021, the pair were first linked romantically after being seen in Santa Barbara. Despite this, they never discussed their relationship in open forums.

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