Pierson Wodzynski and Brent Rivera have been an item since the year 2020. He has dated two other YouTube stars in the past: Morgan Justus and Eva Gutowski.

Originally from California, Brent Rivera is a popular internet personality and actor who was born on January 9, 1998. He first gained notoriety for his creative output on Vine before expanding his reach to other social media platforms including YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram.

He helped launch Amp Studios in 2018, where he now serves as CEO, and he also serves on the company’s board of directors. During the same time period, he also established the YouTube collective known as the Amp Squad.

The Brent, Rivera, and Pierson Romantic Connection

There is a widespread trend of working with popular figures from the world of social media. This helps them get more people to interact with their postings and quickly grow their following.

Fans believe that Brent and Pierson are dating, despite the fact that the two frequently work together like many other celebrities. They posted a video on their account showing how near they are.

Are Pierson and Brent Dating Still Dating

Due to the viral nature of the video, many have assumed, incorrectly or not, that the two individuals featured are romantically involved with one another. Brent Rivera and Pierson Wodzynski recently uploaded a TikTok video to their own social media accounts, fueling the allegations.

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Brent Rivera can be heard saying, “For you people to shut up, we shall kiss” in the relevant video. In spite of this, they snipped the scene where Brent Rivera and Pierson Wodzynski were about to lock lips.

Because of this, it is currently challenging to publicly acknowledge that they are a couple. If more evidence emerges, we’ll include it here.

What Brent’s Been Through in His Relationships

Morgan Justus

Are Pierson and Brent Dating Still Dating

Morgan Justus, a social media star, and Brent Rivera dated from June to October of 2017. There is a lack of information concerning their brief romance because it was not widely discussed at the time.

Photos of them together were shared on social media platforms. By 2022, she and Brent had severed all communication and stopped following each other on social media.

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Eva Gutowski

Are Pierson and Brent Dating Still Dating

The rumors about Brent Rivera and Eva Gutowski dating began in 2017, but the couple didn’t go public with their relationship until 2019.

It all started in 2016 when Eva and Brent worked together on some YouTube videos and Eva developed strong feelings for Brent. Also, Brent, sensing her attraction to him, gave her hints and complimented her frequently. It lasted for much over a year.

They both realized that Brent’s persistent flirting was damaging their friendship in February of 2018.

They eventually parted ways, each making a video about the experience for YouTube. Brent Rivera eventually released a YouTube video before the end of 2018 expressing his desire for a reconciliation with Eva and his willingness to give their relationship another shot, and the two were back together by the beginning of 2019.

It has been stated that Brent and Eva dated for a short time in 2019, during which they filmed YouTube videos in which they completed challenges. In their films released in November of 2019, they dated for a day and even got married as a joke to give the impression that they were back together.

Eva went on record in 2020, after they had broken up, to describe how “complex” her relationship had been with Brent. On the other hand, they haven’t stopped being friends and are still following each other on social media.

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What Caused Brent Rivera’s Stardom

Back when Brent Rivera was a kid, he starred in a number of commercials for various companies. Because of this, he was introduced to the media from a tender age. After signing up for Vine, the influencer quickly rose to recognition and became an active member of the community. Since Vine was discontinued that year (2017), Rivera has switched to using his older channel on YouTube instead.

Brent joined the video-centric social network Tiktok when it was at its peak of popularity, along with many other A-listers. Eventually, his films went viral, and he is now considered a major force in the app’s content creation community.

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