Know all about Monica Vaswani and Rish Karam’s dating situation.

The Family Karma show has been the talk of the town ever since its release in 2020. With the end of Season 2, the show has major changes coming up in the next one. Streaming on Bravo, the show revolves around the everyday life of Indian American families in Miami.

The show covers the lifestyle of Indian immigrants who’ve been living in America for generations. Their lifestyle, traditional values, and close-knit community are showcased.

Monica and Rish

The ‘perfect Indian girl’ according to the contestants, Monica Vaswani and her beau Rish Karam have been the star of the second season and were having a beautiful relationship. But, it seems like the next season might have trouble in paradise.

Monica and Rish

Monica (30), is a graphic designer and content creator. She also aspires to be a Bollywood choreographer and is working towards it. She has been building herself a great life.

Rish is a son of a business-centric family, has a restaurant, and is also an entrepreneur. Unlike others, he lives on his own and is a year and a half younger than Monica. He hails from a rich family too.

Monica and Rish

Both have known each other since childhood and started dating after Monica wrote off her long-time crush, Brian as ‘just a friend’. At the end of Season 2, the couple was at a high and, Monica might as well be dreaming of her future and a big fat Indian wedding with Rish.

Trouble In Paradise

In the interviews, the cast shared their view on what is upcoming in the next season. While Brian, Vishal Parvani, and Amrit Kapai, seemed all positive about Monica and Rish’s bond and even predicted a proposal, Bali contradicted their beliefs. She speculated that the viewers will get to see the “50 shades of Monica and Rishi’s relationship”.

Rish and Monica Vaswani

It looks like there have been rumors about Rish’s infidelity and looks like the couple is about to experience the lows in their relationship. Things have been tense and there was a period when the duo even unfollowed each other on Instagram.

Now they do follow each other, but all the cute random posts about both of them together, enjoying, are scarce. It appears that the couple is still dating, but, the relationship right now is fragile and viewers should not be shocked if they hear about a breakup.


Monica and Rish are still dating but, their relationship is on thin ice. The couple might make it through or just end it all. All in all, if they decide to be together, wishing for all the happiness and love for both of them.

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