Antony Starr, originally from New Zealand, shot to fame in Hollywood after being cast as the lead in the superhero series The Boys, available exclusively on Amazon Prime.

He takes up the role of Homelander, the head of the superhero team known as the Seven. While Starr was first hesitant to accept the position, he ultimately chose to do so for the sake of The Boys’ audience.

The Boys’ nomination for Outstanding Drama Series at this year’s Emmys has helped make Antony Starr a household name. There will be speculation about his private life as a result of his newfound popularity. Here’s what we know about Antony Starr’s love life after his role in The Boys.

Who is Anthony’s Rumored Girlfriend?

His single or dating status, as well as the existence of current or former girlfriends, have been divulged to some extent, though. Fans believe Antony Starr formerly dated a fellow Kiwi named Lucy McLay.

A number of pictures show the pair on various occasions, including the 2006 and 2007 Air New Zealand Screen Awards. In addition, other outlets said the two were an item.

Antony Starr Dating

McLay’s IMDB page describes her as a “costume designer.” She has experience in the field as a costume designer for several productions.

They include 2018’s The Meg, The Shannara Chronicles, and another American project shot in New Zealand, all of which she worked on as an associate costume designer.

If IMDB is to be believed, McLay and Starr have collaborated on three separate occasions: the film Without a Paddle (2004), and the television series Mercy Peak and Outrageous Fortune.

No reliable sources have stated that Antony Starr and Lucy have broken up, but their relationship has clearly deteriorated. For some time now, witnesses have reported seeing or taking pictures of the pair together.

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Antony Starr, so the rumor goes, is moving on and dating one of his co-stars. Erin Moriarty, from the show The Boys, plays the female co-lead.

An Instagram rumor account that is very popular at the moment uploaded a series of emails from an unknown source, which started the whole rumor mill rolling. Based on their correspondence, it seemed like Antony Starr and Erin Moriarty were dating.

Antony Starr Dating

They tend to spend a lot of time together, as evidenced by the numerous selfies and group shots they’ve uploaded to Instagram together.

But no one from either cast has come forward to acknowledge the connection to the public. Fans have speculated that there is no romance between them and that they are, instead, just incredibly good friends.

A Life Story of Antony Starr

On a Saturday, October 25, 1975, in New Zealand, Antony Starr entered the world. He was given the name Antony Starr at birth, and he’s now 46 years old. The Scorpio zodiac sign represents those with birthdays on October 25. The sign of the Rabbit is his horoscope.

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Actor Antony Starr is best known for playing twins Jethro and Van West on New Zealand’s smash comedy/drama Outrageous Fortune. Presently, he is the lead in the Cinemax show Banshee, which is owned by HBO.

He made his acting debut in the ’90s with guest spots on ’90s shows including ‘Xena: Warrior Princess and ‘Shortland Street.


Starr earned the 2007 Air New Zealand Screen Award for Performance by an Actor for his portrayal of Van and Jethro West, as well as the Best Actor awards at both the Qantas Television Awards and the Asian TV Awards.

Antony Starr Dating

While filming the first season of “Outrageous Fortune,” Starr also filmed Toa Fraser’s first feature film, No. 2, which premiered in New Zealand in 2006.

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Starr’s first starring role on American television was in the 2013–2016 series Banshee. He took on the role of a fugitive from justice who, after 15 years behind bars, becomes Lucas Hood and Sheriff of Banshee.

Starr was cast as The Homelander in Amazon Studios’ adaptation of the Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson comic book ‘The Boys in January 2018. The second season of the show was ordered and will premiere in July of 2019.

Antony Starr’s wealth is $2,000,000 in August of the year 2022.

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