taika waititi controversy

Anybody can appreciate a nice pun now and then, right? especially the truly clever ones. However, Taika Waititi’s most recent tweet shows that timing is just as important as having a good sense of humor.

The director of Thor: Love and Thunder recently drew scorn from the public after he used Twitter to reshare a graphic image of the Kentucky tornado that decimated Mayfield and claimed numerous lives just a few days prior.

His error? He followed it up with a joke that many have criticized for being inappropriate and offensive.

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In Mayfield, an entire movie theatre screen was smashed by the tornado, framing the devastation outside as if it were a scene from a movie rather than the grim reality.

taika waititi controversy

Podcaster Rex Chapman posted a terrible image of the situation. Taika Waititi quickly reposted the image, but this time with a joke about how the theater’s shattered screen wall and its distinctive way of framing the outside world make him think of the cinematic idea of “breaking the 4th wall.” Look at the article below:

While Taika Waititi tried to make a literal joke in response to the image on Twitter, many users were offended by his lack of restraint. Some argued that the filmmaker is not actually “pro-tornado” because his tweet was just “situational humor.”

Some people even republished the photographer’s original post from Mayfield, who took the disputed photo, emphasizing his words that the situation in the area has been “truly sad.”

taika waititi controversy

Many others believe Waititi’s caption is not a joke since he is “being frightening, dead serious” and that it is “obviously a solemn reflection on how reality is pushing through.”

This is the aftermath of a tornado that killed a great number of people. That dates back just a few days. People are still mourning and looking for missing family members.

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Taiki Waititi’s tweet has received a variety of responses, and only the director can say for sure if he meant it as a joke or a serious evaluation. With so many ongoing and planned projects, Waititi is now quite busy.

He completed the filming of Marvel’s Thor: Love and Thunder, which stars Chris Hemsworth as the God of Thunder, earlier this year. He is also attached to helm an unnamed Fox Searchlight film.

It will be a film version of the true story of Dutch coach Thomas Rongen, who worked to change the American Samoa soccer team from losers into winners, as depicted in the 2015 documentary Next Goal Wins.

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