An ex-girlfriend has accused Adam Dahlberg, better known online as “SkyDoesMinecraft,” of trauma, abuse, and violence. In a series of tweets and conversations, the former Minecraft YouTuber has been accused by a number of their former coworkers and friends.

Twitter user ‘@Lizzybuggie,’ aka Elizabeth, shared a 6,000-word iCloud document recounting her rocky relationship with SkyDoesMinecraft and the alleged violence she endured while they were together.

Dahlberg rose to prominence in the 2010s as one of the earliest YouTube Minecraft pioneers, with their channel “SkyDoesMinecraft” generating a plethora of Minecraft content that can be found today. For their admirers, this exposé was all the more stunning because of their celebrity and influence.

Adam Dahlberg is also known as Skydoesminecraft. Adam’s ex-girlfriend went to Twitter to accuse him of trauma, abuse, and assault during their relationship.

Sky Does Minecraft Controversy Explained

skydoesminecraft controversy

Adam Dahlberg, as Skydoesminecraft, gained recognition in the 2010s thanks to his incredible Minecraft films on his YouTube channel. During their relationship, his ex-girlfriend Elizabeth accused him of assault and harassment. She used Twitter to issue a three-page statement calling out the Youtube star for the same.

The lengthy document detailed her continuous agony. Under the Twitter handle Lizzybug, she made the announcement on January 23, 2022. Her testimony even contained screenshots of their conversations as well as police reports. There were numerous signs of her suffering and pain.

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Adam ‘Skydoesminecraft’ Dahlberg & Elizabeth – Traumatic Relationship Explored

skydoesminecraft controversy

Due to SkyDoesMinecraft’s behavior, Elizabeth would frequently find herself in awkward and uncomfortable circumstances. He would, for example, force her to become pregnant and propose to him against her will. He would even obstruct drains in their home on occasion. As a result, she had to go to the store late at night to use their restroom.

She even said Adam suffers from bipolar disease. His violent inclinations were there even when he took his prescriptions on schedule. When he didn’t take his medication, he would often become a maniac and insane.

Even though she was pregnant, Adam Dahlberg kicked her and forced her to remain up for lengthy periods of time. She would tell him that she was pregnant and asked him not to smoke around her or in the house. He’d claim it’s his house and shut her up.

She added that she was terrified to leave him and hence had to endure all of the abuse and harassment. She was afraid that he would take advantage of his celebrity to flee and make her look terrible in the eyes of the public. He had one with his ex-wife Alesa, too.

Alesa was a very supportive wife, Elizabeth stated, and she had to go through the same thing as her. She accused him of slandering Alesa by exploiting his public platform and reputation. Adam Dahlberg used his celebrity to deceive the public. She said that he was obsessed with maintaining control over everything and protecting his image. He would sexually abuse and torment women and then pay them to keep quiet. She went on to say that it was even worse than what was depicted in movies.

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Fans Take a Stand for Elizabeth

skydoesminecraft controversy

Elizabeth also named her best friend a co-conspirator. Despite knowing what Elizabeth had been through, her best friend became romantically engaged to him. SkyDoesMinecraft has also been accused of animal abuse and racism.

He even threatened to harm her newborn daughter. She went to the cops, but “he charmed his way out.” As a result, she had to beg her family to intervene for her protection.

Many people’s favorite YouTuber since childhood is Adam Dahlberg. The fans were devastated by these allegations. They all took to Twitter, though, to defend his ex-girlfriend.

Her statement ends with the forceful assertion that people deserve to see the face beneath the veil. And no other woman should have to go through the torture and trauma that she, Alesa, and countless other women did.

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