Ray Park Controversy

The Recasting of Darth Maul by Disney Follows the Ray Park Controversy


Ray Park, who portrays Han Solo in the Star Wars franchise, is renowned for being a laid-back and kind person. With that reputation, a video of him getting oral sex with his wife, Lisa Park, was uploaded to his Instagram account last week, which was all the more shocking.

Theories started to spread as to why this occurred. Some assumed that Park’s account had been hacked, while others felt that Park had released it mistakenly, and still others suspected that Park had made it public in retribution for his wife’s infidelity.

A Snapchat message claimed to be from Park’s daughter appeared, accusing him of being unkind and neglectful to his children, further muddying the waters. On social media, fans denounced the actor and requested that Disney and Lucasfilm replace the role of Darth Maul, as predicted.

Ray Park Controversy

Lisa Park has now put a picture on her Instagram profile stating that the video was unintentionally released, that it’s terribly distressing that people assume she’s been unfaithful, that the comments from her children were deliberately created, and that the tale is causing the whole family to suffer.

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We don’t know how all of this will play out, but Park’s career has been at risk since the internet controversy broke. Many fans have advocated for him to be replaced by voice actor Sam Witwer in the Darth Maul role should one be created for a live-action series. There have even been rumors that Disney is considering replacing him in the role.

Ray Park Controversy

Fortunately, this seems to have worked, as some of the Twitter accounts who were feeding the fires of controversy have apologized to her and indicated that they were misinformed.

It’s unclear if this will harm Park’s career, but I doubt Disney would be thrilled. If Park did, in fact, publish this video by mistake, he owes his wife and children a heartfelt apology. For the time being, all we can do is trust Lisa Park’s word and hope that the Park family can settle their disputes in private.