Isabella “onlyjayus” Avila is one of TikTok’s most popular creators, with over 13.6 million followers on the platform. Although they have diversified, expanding out onto new platforms, they mostly upload “Psychology Tricks” and informational science TikToks. Their Twitch account has 169K followers, while their YouTube channel has 1.15 million subscribers, where they primarily stream Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. Overall, onlyjayus has a sizable fan base and is a prolific creator across numerous platforms.

Onlyjayus has been no stranger to controversy during their time on TikTok, despite their ostensibly uncontroversial kind of instructional content. This controversy was recently brought to light when they were the focus of a petition with over 347,000 signatures demanding their banning.

onlyjayus controversy

The objective of this petition, like most similar ones, may be to voice the dissatisfaction of the originator rather than really deplatforming them. Whether or whether the petition leads to a ban, raises a number of valid concerns that have clearly enraged the TikTok community.

Why Are People Angry At Onlyjayus?

The onlyjayus petition has enraged TikTok users, yet many of the allegations leveled against them are ambiguous. The petition appears to have been sparked by screenshots of a leaked text conversation, which onlyjayus has subsequently confirmed as legitimate.

Onlyjayus used homophobic and racial slurs, as well as other nasty remarks, according to the screenshots. Onlyjayus was chastised for utilizing black creators before ghosting them as a result of the text discussions. Onlyjayus did issue an apologetic video, but it was widely ridiculed by their fans for being insincere.

Onlyjayus Controversy

Other complaints are listed in the petition, the most serious of which is over a now-deleted TikTok that was judged ableist. The “Illegal Life Advice” TikTok was a satirical life hack video in which onlyjayus outlines how a viewer can steal a wallet from a person with a guide dog. The intention was clearly to be amusing, but the substance was cruel and discriminatory toward persons with disabilities.

As previously stated, onlyjayus issued an apology for the leaked texts, which included a lot of promises to engage with black producers in the future. These partnerships have not occurred, and creators @seansvv and @auntkaren0 have revealed their experiences of being ignored after promising to collaborate or participate in a discussion. Onlyjayus also erased an early apology, which the petition claims was ghostwritten, shortly after it was uploaded.

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What Does The Onlyjayus Petition Want?

Onlyjayus Controversy

While it’s unclear how the petition’s originator intends to accomplish this, the main purpose is to have onlyjayus banned from TikTok. Vanellope Von Addams’ next steps were further specified in a petition update at 300,000 signatures.

According to the post, several creators are intending to release their own stories about onlyjayus, as well as declaring their own goals to gain more media attention from their side. Onlyjayus has since provided a clear target for the petition on one of their TikTok accounts, despite the fact that the petition didn’t initially provide much of a path to its eventual goal.

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Onlyjayus has adopted a laid-back attitude toward the petition, criticizing it openly since its inception. They mocked the petition on Twitter, wishing the inventor luck in getting 13.5 million signatures, the number of TikTok fans onlyjayus has.

They also posted a TikTok to one of their secondary accounts in which they signed the petition, paid page views, and said that if the petition received 13.5 million signatures, they would be banned from the app. This demonstrates their confidence in the petition’s eventual failure, but it does provide adequate reason for people who want them removed from TikTok.

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