If you like the Kardashians, you’ve probably heard of Natalie Halcro. The Canadian reality star is good friends with the Pierson family. She and her cousin Olivia Pierson even had their own E! show, Relatively Nat & Liv, for a season. The full name of this model, reality TV star, blogger, and Instagram star is Natalie Halcro. Her home town is Los Angeles, which is in the state of California in the United States. She believes in God very much. She is smart because she has a bachelor’s degree. She has walked the runway for brands like Nissan, Marshalls, Mazda, and Old Navy in France, London, and Milan. Natalie Halcro recently posted a picture of her baby girl, which made people wonder who the baby’s father is. This article has all the information you need about Natalie Halcro Baby Daddy.

Who is Natalie Halcro?

Natalie was born in Langley, British Columbia, Canada, on February 2, 1988. Her father, Jim Halcro, used to be a firefighter. Still, no one knows who her mother is. Her two biological siblings are Joel and Stephanie. Since she was a child, she’s been interested in modeling. She also started modeling when she was only 12 years old. She is a Canadian citizen. Natalie started modeling when she was just 12. By the time she was 16, she had signed a contract with NEXT to be a professional model. Natalie is a person who is interested in learning about other cultures.

natalie halcro baby daddy

Natalie Halcro Children

The 32-year-old Relatively Nat & Liv actress gave birth to her first child, a girl named Dove, on Feb. 4, according to a picture she posted on Instagram on Wednesday. Halcro shared the good news with a photo of herself in a hospital bed holding her newborn daughter.

She wrote in the caption, “Welcome to the world, Baby Girl.” “Why is my heart so full? DOVE 02|04|2020.”

After Halcro posted about the birth of her daughter, her comment section was full of messages of congratulations. Her friends Kim and Khloé Kardashian were among those who left messages.

Baby Daddy of Natalie Halcro

Natalie recently shared the first picture of her baby Dove, which made people even more curious. People have asked, “Who IS the father?!?!?” and “Who is her dad?” in the comments. But as of now, Natalie Halcro has not said who the baby’s father is. Most people think that Aygemang is Dove’s father because he was the last person she dated in public. During Season 1 of Relatively Nat & Liv, she took Aygemang on a family trip and said she had dated him before. Natalie told the cameras that she would rather work on her job than rush into a relationship, so the two of them broke up. We don’t know what happened behind closed doors, but as far as we know, that was the end of their relationship.

On the internet, there is also a story that NBA player Andre Drummond is Natalie’s real father. This idea is a bit more of a guess, since it was never clear if they dated or not.

Who’s the father of Natalie Halcro’s baby?

His website says that Clay got his degree from the University of Florida. After college, he started Top of the Line Tickets and Entertainment, an online store like the one his father had. After being an entrepreneur for a while, he worked for Island Sky Corporation as a corporate trainer. He got clients and taught them all over the world. In the second episode of Relatively Nat & Liv, “Wet Your Whistler,” the beauty wanted to get serious with Halcro, but she said no because she wanted to focus on her job. After he went on vacation with her family, Halcro said that they still have “great chemistry.” Clay and Halcro look like they will be able to get together and start a family in the near future. We hope Halcro will finally say who the father of her child is on the second season of her E! reality show, which hasn’t been announced yet.

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