Jeopardy contrioversy

An Alleged Controversial Change Was Made to The Jeopardy Show by Mayim Bialik!


Mayim Bialik, the former star of The Big Bang Theory, hasn’t been able to stay out of the spotlight since taking over as co-host of the classic game show Jeopardy! Whether it’s due to events that occurred before her present role as co-host, or because of an offhand statement about how important the host job is to some viewers, Bialik has been chastised by fans since she accepted the job. To many fans, she’s now crossed a boundary – she’s officially made “Single Jeopardy” a thing, and she’s transformed the game show.

Mayim Bialik began saying something different when announcing commercial breaks when Jeopardy! returned to new episodes on Monday, January 31, according to MSN and others. The round before the commercials is referred to as “Single Jeopardy!” rather than “Double Jeopardy!” by the co-host. You can see an example of this in the video below.

What are the reactions to Mayim Bialik’s “Single Jeopardy” among fans? They appear to be divided into two camps. The first camp is not only unhappy, but they’re so upset about it that it makes Star Wars fans enraged at Daisy Ridley’s use of the term “Skywalker” seem rational and detached in comparison.

Jeopardy contrioversy

There’s also a second group of Jeopardy! aficionados. The second camp doesn’t always agree with Mayim Bialik’s choice of the title “Single Jeopardy!” But, at the same time, they want her to keep doing it because it irritates the first camp so much.

Mayim Bialik was already a contentious figure before she was hired to co-host Jeopardy!, so it’s a little surprise that she got the job. For example, the actress has a history of making provocative statements about immunizations.

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Bialik has previously stated that her family is “non-vaccinating,” however this does not appear to be the case when it comes to the COVID vaccination. She’s still on record advocating alternative medications to immunizations, which many, like Slate’s Phil Plait, consider being a dangerous position to promote.

Jeopardy contrioversy

Fans haven’t forgotten about an op-ed she published for the New York Times in 2017. In the post, Mayim Bialik slammed Harvey Weinstein’s sexual assault victims. She claimed, among other things, that the victims would not have been assaulted if they had dressed modestly and avoided flirty behavior. To do differently, she wrote, would be “naive.” She then apologized, but it was too little, too late for many fans.

Simultaneously, Jeopardy! appears to be mired in scandal after controversy, even when Mayim Bialik or co-host Ken Jennings aren’t engaged.

Jeopardy contrioversy

Former Jeopardy! champion Tom Nichols asked for the show to reinstate the original 5-win cap for each winner in January, claiming that competitors with extended win streaks, such as Amy Schneider, had an advantage over newcomers since they’ve figured out the show’s mechanics long before. Not long ago, it was claimed that CNN analyst Laura Coates was having trouble getting Jeopardy! producers to return her calls, despite the fact that it was reportedly Alex Trebek’s preference that she be considered as his replacement.