eric clapton controversy

The legendary British guitarist Eric Clapton has spoken about the self-disgust he experienced after viewing an old film of himself yelling racist slurs at a gig in Birmingham, England, in 1976.

The 18-time Grammy winner admitted that the infamous episode in which he lauded the racist Tory MP Enoch Powell, remarked that Britain must prevent becoming a “black colony,” and uttered the phrase “England is for white people, man” made him feel ashamed.

eric clapton controversy

Clapton yelled, “I don’t want you here, in the room, or in my nation.” “Man, listen to me! I believe that Enoch Powell deserves our support. Our man is Enoch. I agree with Enoch that we should all be sent home. avert the emergence of a black colony in Britain.

Remove the foreigners. Remove the wags. Remove the coons. The UK should remain white. I used to like marijuana, but now I like racism. Man, it’s a lot heavier. I hate wogs, man. Saudis are fucking taking over London.

Baseless wogs. Enoch will prevent overcrowding in Britain and send everyone home. We don’t want the black wogs, coons, Arabs, fucking Jamaicans, and fucking… to be here; they don’t belong here.

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Black wogs and coons are not welcome in England because it is a white nation. They need to understand that we do not want them. Man, England belongs to white people. We live in a white nation.

I don’t want fucking wogs with their standards residing next to me. Great Britain is a white nation. What the fuck is going on with us, please?

“I was a kind of semi-racist, which didn’t make sense, and I was so ashamed of who I was. I dated a black woman, had half of my friends who were black, and I supported black music.

eric clapton controversy

For many years after his odd outburst, which served as a catalyst for the Rock Against Racism campaign, Clapton was called a racist. He has since apologized profusely, attributing the outburst to his alcohol and drug addiction.

A bottle of cognac would be consumed by the singer before lunchtime, followed by cocaine snorting off a knife during lunch, according to the movie.

The musician claimed last night that after viewing the raw video, which will be shown in Lili Zanuck’s upcoming film, he felt “newly horrified” with himself for making “chauvinistic” and “fascist” remarks on stage.

He said, “I ruined everything I got engaged with,” according to the Daily Mail. He admitted: “I felt so ashamed of the kind of semi-racist person I was. I dated a black woman, had half of my friends who were black, and I supported black music.

Clapton thinks that a large part of his addiction can be attributed to the fact that he was raised to think of his mother as his sister and his grandparents as his parents. His mother rejected him after he learned the truth.

Conor, his 4-year-old son, died in 1991 after falling from the 53rd floor of an apartment building in New York, and that incident is also covered in the movie. Clapton claims that the tragedy aided in his sobriety and subsequent decision to live “to honor the memory of my kid.”

He also talks about how he fell in love with Pattie Boyd when she was still wed to George Harrison.

George was my best buddy, so I knew it was bad, but I still felt compelled to approach her. I had never encountered a woman as amazing as she was. I wanted her despite the fact that they were married, even though she was not available.

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In 1979, Clapton wed Pattie, but nine years later, they divorced.

There is no doubt, continued Clapton, who has been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame three times, once as a solo artist and twice as a member of The Yardbirds and Cream. I entered a cave of self-pity and hopelessness, and this song was the only thing that could save me.

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