Brandon Urie Controversy

In light of Brendon Urie’s current predicament, there has been a lot of media coverage. There is a lot to learn about Urie. Panic! at the Disco’s lead singer, songwriter, and guitarist, Brendon Boyd Urie, has been with the band since 2015.

As a lead singer of pop-rock group Panic! at the Disco, which split in 2015, he is most widely recognized. From 2004 through 2015, the band was active. Ryan Ross, Spencer Smith, Brent Wilson, Jon Walker, and Dallon Weekes have all been past members of the band.

Brendon, 34, has been accused of, among other things, racism, sexism, ability, and transphobia.

In addition, he has been accused of sexually abusing a minor. According to a number of newspapers, Urie has recently been accused of being an anti-feminist, racist, and sexual predator. Take a look at Brendon Urie’s latest fight.

New Brendon Urie Controversy


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Brendon was accused of sexual assault in 2020, which sparked the most current issue for him. @kam02700814, a Twitter user, wrote about his personal encounters with Urie in 2009.

Although he told Urie that he was just 14 at the time, he claims that Urie inquired about his sexual history.

That’s exactly what the Twitter user had to say. A few minutes later, Urie came clean and admitted that he had tried to kiss one of his bandmates. As a result, the Twitter user fled when Urie tried to illegally touch him.

Breezy Week, the band member Dallon Week’s wife, came forward last year and said she had been the victim of sexual harassment. Accusations of harassment have been made against the band’s security, Zack Hall. A big number of people took to various social media platforms to use hashtags, but Urie kept quiet about it.

A number of people who had been through something similar approached Brendon Urie. Urie was accused of touching her improperly by a Twitter user named @leah62053062. She was taken backstage after a concert in 2011 to meet Urie.

Previously, he had praised her for her beauty. In response to her question, she said she was 15 years of age. When Urie realized what had happened, he apologized for it. A short while later, he began inappropriately touching her.

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Past accounts of allegations against Urie


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When Urie used the name “trannie” to describe the transgender community, it sparked outrage. Slurs against transgender people are widely viewed as offensive. He’s made some controversial remarks in the past toward the LGBT community.

Additionally, Brendon has been disciplined for laughing at an ableist joke. Zack Hall, a member of the band’s security detail, made a joke about a Down syndrome nun.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, Urie has also been accused of making disparaging remarks about women and sluts. Several Twitch viewers have also spoken up about how the singer abused them. As recently as last year, he was called out for being racist.

Reports say he likened Roseanne Barr’s termination to NFL players kneeling during the national anthem during the pregame show.

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Personal Life


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Brendon made his pansexuality public in July of last year. He claimed to have synesthesia in an interview in 2016 that he gave.

To an unidentified location, Urie has left his Los Angeles residence. He was terrified because of the “visits and constant harassment” he received from supporters, he said. ADD/ADHD is something he’s claimed to have had since childhood.

He thinks he gets a lot of positive feedback from his fans for being transparent about his mental health. On the surface, Brendon appears to be a straight man, although he has “experimented” with males.

After founding a human rights non-profit, he began streaming on Twitch. Tom DeLonge, Queen, David Bowie, and Frank Sinatra all play a big role in his taste in music. As a songwriter, Taylor Swift has had a profound impact on him.

Brendon Urie has been urged to come out by fans and concerned individuals from all around the world.

The hashtag #BrendonUrieSpeakUp was established on Twitter, however, Urie has yet to respond to or remark on the majority of the charges made against him on social media. We’ve come to the end of our investigation into the Brendon Urie situation.

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