Seven of the magazine’s on-screen chefs left after allegations surfaced against them over the past few months. Now, the channel has announced the arrival of eight new presenters who will be sharing their culinary expertise.

In addition, Dawn Davis has taken over as editor-in-chief of the show. What happened prior to the reorganization?

Bon Appetit Controversy

In May 2020, Adam Rapoport, Bon Appétit‘s former editor in chief, said that writers of color had an easier “path to a green light” for pitches than freelancers.

A photo of Adam dressed up as a Puerto Rican man at a Halloween party in 2013 then appeared on social media.

Sohla El-Waylly and Carla Lalli Music, among others, called him out on his claims and picture on Bon Appetit.

The Variety report claims that El-Waylly was “pushed in front of video as a display of diversity,” prompting other contributors to defend her and Conde Nast to deny the allegations.

When his former coworkers started making accusations, Rapoport resigned from his position.

Several of the show’s regulars, including Priya Krishna, Sohla El-Waylly, Rick Martinez, Gaby Melian, Molly Baz, and Carla Lalli Music, have recently dropped out.

Variety reports that this was due to the fact that they believed Bon Appetit had unfair terms for people of color.

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Who Are The New Chefs Set For The Youtube Channel?

Bon Appetit Controversy

DeVonn Francis, Tiana “Tee” Gee, and Christian “Chrissy” Tracey, a vegetarian chef, are all set to join the show.

Samantha Seneviratne, a pastry chef, and Rawlston Williams, a chef with a background in Caribbean cuisine, have both been added to the new cast.

A Filipinx-inspired restaurant owner in Seattle, Melissa, has also joined the YouTube community.

Harold Villarosa, a McDonald’s employee from the Philippines, and Claudette Zepeda, a former model, will also appear on the show.

Andy Baraghani and Chris Morocco have returned to host new episodes of the channel. Brad Leone and Andy Baraghani have not.

And there isn’t much more time left in the day. In an interview with Variety, Condé Nast confirmed that some of its Bon Appetit series will resume production in October with a fall premiere date in mind.

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Who Is The New Editor-in-chief? Has There Been Any Other Controversies?

Bon Appetit has named Dawn Davis as its new editor-in-chief. She makes an appearance in a new promotional video for the YouTube series.

While still a teenager, Drinks editor Alex Delany found himself embroiled in a controversy over a photo of a Confederate flag-themed cake he had made.

“A lack of understanding” was Delany’s take on the photo, he said at the time, according to Insider.

We’re listening, learning, and building something together that showcases our best,” Bon Appetit wrote in a trailer released on Monday.

It is our goal to build a team that is sensitive, respectful, and open to being challenged; that is compensated fairly for their work, and that represents the audience we hope to serve.”

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