Why Did Chris Evans Want to Play the Gray Man's Villain?

It was hard to believe that Chris Evans would go on to become Captain America if his debut film was any sign of his future in Hollywood.

Jamie Presley (My Name Is Earl) and Lacey Chabert (My Name Is Earl) were on hand to help Evans show off his excellent timing as a stereotypical high school jock in Not Another Teen Movie (Mean Girls).

The himbo became a typecast role for him as he went on to act in comic book films like The Losers.

The Harvard hottie” still referred to Evans, even though he had roles in romantic comedies like The Nanny Diaries or more serious roles like Puncture.

Evans is now a household figure because of his position as Captain America, and he can almost pick and choose the parts he accepts.

Although Marvel Studios gave Steve Rogers an overdue retirement in Avengers: Endgame, fans and entertainment media sites appear hesitant to let him go.

Evans’ maiden step into animation, with Pixar’s Lightyear, might be the beginning of a new chapter for this dynamic Bostonian theater kid.

Evans’ flawless line delivery makes every character he takes on a hit, but one role, in particular, stands out: the villain.

Knives Out, in which he portrayed Ransom Drysdale, and The Gray Man, in which he played Lloyd Hansen, gave audiences a taste of his villainous side. Evans should portray villains more often, as evidenced by the following observations.

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10 Years of Playing the Ultimate Good Guy

Why Did Chris Evans Want to Play the Gray Man's Villain?

Evans’ acting career is filled with 10 years of portraying the decent guy, who is either the voice of reason or someone fighting against oppression.

The romantic leads aside. On a mission to restart the sun with a nuclear fission weapon, Mace (Evans) is an astronaut’s engineer.

The kind man who is the voice of reason in a tough scenario is played by Evans as Mace. Evan signed on to play another hero role while he was still fulfilling his contract with Marvel.

Evans plays Curtis, a man struggling against corruption, in Bong’s Joon-film Ho’s Snowpiercer.

This time around, Chris Evans proves once again that he is a natural at playing the anti-corruption crusader in a movie full of stunning action scenes and an emotional core.

Evans, of course, is most known for his portrayal of Captain America Steve Rogers.

As Captain America, Evans portrayed a character who was meant to embody the ideals of morality, fighting for what’s right, and putting his life on the line regardless of the odds….

Aside from his triumphs and personal good deeds, including helping Betty White on the People’s Choice Awards stage, Evans has inadvertently established himself as an all-around good guy in both the film and the real world.

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Evans’ Success as the Villain

Why Did Chris Evans Want to Play the Gray Man's Villain?

For Evans, Lloyd Hansen is not his first villain role. Lucas Lee, the villain in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World’s comic book film adaptation, is played by Evans.

When Michael Cera’s Scott Pilgrim sets out to prove himself worthy of dating Ramona Flowers, he faces off against all of her previous lovers.

Lucas, a Hollywood star still in love with Ramona, confronts Scott. Lucas Lee, a villain with the most devious brows in the actor’s repertoire, appears in a brief appearance in the film.

Also in The Iceman, the villain Mr. Freezy, a contract murderer who agrees to work with the eponymous Iceman, is completely unrecognizable (Michael Shannon). Even if he meets his end at the hands of The Iceman, Mr. Freezy will remain unredeemable.

In Netflix’s The Gray Man, Evans played Lloyd Hansen, a figure who had a disturbing contempt for others. Lloyd is a psychopathic, anti-Captain America type of guy who will go to any lengths to achieve his goal.

Even though the character is terrifying, it’s a role that Evans excels at playing because of how convincing he is as an actor.

He was able to get us past our preconceived notions of who Evans is and what he has done in the past to create a villain we loathed and were occasionally scared by.

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Evans’ Own Words on Playing Villains

Why Did Chris Evans Want to Play the Gray Man's Villain?

Additionally, interviewers inquired about if Evans will reprise his role as Captain America, as well as how Lloyd Hansen differs from the MCU version. Evans says of Lloyd in an interview with Empire: “This is a character I’ve never been able to play.

I can’t believe how uninhibited and honest he is. His smile is nearly more frightening than his scowl, which is one of the things that makes him endearing to me.

I believe he knows what he’s doing is horrible and hurtful, but he sees himself as a necessary evil. It appears to him to be a threat to the status quo.”

While Evans chose to portray Lloyd in order to challenge himself as an actor, this isn’t the first time he’s stated his desire to play the bad guy. Evans first mentioned his desire to star in a musical back in 2019.

According to Pride, he wanted to portray The Dentist and a remake of The Little Shop of Horrors. This discovery is even more intriguing.

Another unforgivable villain is the dentist, for those who haven’t seen the show. Evans as a singing villain would be fantastic while the remake is on hold.

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