Who Is Rebel Wilson Dating

Rebel Wilson, the star of Senior Year, is supposedly single. She recently said that she is currently dating someone after being introduced by a common acquaintance. Continue reading to learn more about Wilson’s new romance.

Is Rebel Wilson Currently Dating Someone?

Wilson is currently linked to pro tennis player Matt Reid, though she has yet to confirm or deny the allegations. The Australian actress has kept her personal life discreet, however, she has been associated with actors Mickey Gooch Jr., Aden Stay, and Beacher Media Group founder Jeff Beacher in the past.

Wilson joked on Instagram in February about “playing the field” for the 2022 Super Bowl. “I don’t normally ‘play the field,’ but yesterday was different?” she wrote before congratulating the Rams on their historic triumph.

Rebel Wilson Dated Who in 2020?

Who Is Rebel Wilson Dating

The comedian went out with her then-boyfriend Jacob Busch, who was 11 years her junior, during their six-month romance. Busch is a descendant of the well-known beer business Anheuser-Busch. Busch started his own brewery, Son’s Beer, in 2016.

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Is There a Husband for Rebel Wilson?

The Senior Year actress has never married, but she is on the hunt for the ideal partner. She reveals that after her divorce from Busch in 2021, she had her own “hot girl summer,” despite the fact that none of the men she met was the proper fit for her. She told People, “Every relationship teaches you a lot about yourself and what you’re searching for.” “I haven’t found my match yet, but fingers crossed… ”

Does Rebel Wilson Have Children?

Who Is Rebel Wilson Dating

Rebel Wilson is childless at the moment but hopes to start a family in the future. The 42-year-old has been candid about her fertility issues, admitting that one of the driving forces for her rapid weight loss transformation was her wish for a healthy pregnancy.

“I’ve been on a fertility journey for the past two years and I’m wanting to have my own family at some time,” she told The Daily Telegraph (via ET Canada). It remains to be seen if this will be the case. In my opinion, it isn’t over yet. It’s like riding a wave of emotions. But I’ve given it everything I’ve got, so whatever happens, happens.”

Rebel Was in A Relationship with Jacob Busch Before

Wilson declared 2020 the “Year of Health” at the same time she started dating Jacob Busch, the heir to the Anheuser-Busch empire.

On Instagram, the Isn’t It Romantic actress shared photos with Jacob. The couple had a great first six months together before deciding to split up in February 2021.

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Wilson Will Be Appearing on ‘the Ellen De Generes Show’

Who Is Rebel Wilson Dating

The Ellen DeGeneres Show, a comedy talk show, is coming to an end. The final episode of the show will air on Thursday, May 26, 2022. Along with Wilson, the event will feature Jennifer Aniston, Billie Eilish, and Justin Timberlake.

“Watch me tomorrow on @theellenshow! And congrats, Ellen, on such an incredible daytime run! It’s been a decade of watching your program and laughing with you! “All the best for your future chapter!” she commented on Instagram.

We’re glad for Rebel that she’s found the person she’s been seeking, and we wish her nothing but happiness. Keep up with us for the newest news from the entertainment industry.

Rebel Went on Over 50 Dates Before She Settled on This New Partner

“I suppose I went out with approximately 50 individuals in that one year,” she added, “but some of them were just one date and then you go, ‘Oh, no.'” “I purposefully wanted to push myself to date a lot of people and have that experience, which I know is unusual, but it really helped me figure out what I loved and didn’t like.”

“It was a fun thing, and I don’t think anyone was wounded or anything, and no one else knew about it but me and my close pals.”

“I never said no to anyone,” Rebel continued. “I went on dates with billionaires and people who had nothing; it was a diverse group of people… I genuinely wanted a relationship at my age—I was 39 at the time—but I had only had a couple of tiny ones before, so I just had to gain more practice dating.”

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Why Was Rebel Wilson in The News Recently?

Who Is Rebel Wilson Dating

Wilson has aroused interest with her weight reduction metamorphosis, in addition to her suspected romance with Matt Reid.

Wilson announced her weight loss journey in January 2020, calling it a year of health.

By modifying her training program and moving to a healthier diet, she was able to meet her target in November 2020.

“When I said, ‘OK, I’m going to do this year of health,’ I received a lot of criticism from my own staff here in Hollywood,” Wilson confessed in a December 2021 interview with the BBC.

“I feel like I’m about to go through a physical transformation and change my life.”

“And they asked, ‘Why?’ ‘What makes you want to do that?’ “Because I was earning millions of dollars being the humorous overweight chick and being that person,” Wilson explained.

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