Michael Benjamin, often known as Mikaben, was a popular singer from Haiti who passed away at the age of 41. 

Albums like “Vwayaj” from 2000 and “Mika” from 2004 are credited to him. He took on the role of lead vocalist for the brand-new Krezi Mizik Haitian konpa group in 2005. The debut album by Krezi, “Ayiti San Manti,” was released in November 2006.

According to reports, Michael Mikaben played in front of a large crowd in France just before he passed away. On stage, he had a seizure, and despite the medical crew’s best efforts to save him, he passed away.

Who Is Vanessa Benjamin, Wife of Michael “Mikaben” Benjamin?

Mikaben and Vanessa married in November 2020. She is well-known for her work at TaxFit, a reputable tax preparation agency with a base in Miramar, Florida, in addition to being Mikaben’s wife.

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who is michael benjamin wife

She has almost 78,000 followers on Instagram, where she frequently writes about her family and profession.

Mikaben’s spouse laments the loss of her “other half.” Vanessa Benjamin announced her late husband’s passing on social media. She revealed the information in an upsetting Instagram post published on Saturday, October 15.

Vanessa posted on Instagram, “I lost my other half and I have no words.” Mikaben, a late singer, also referred to his wife as his “other half.” She is my other half, Mikaben reportedly said to Carel In The Morning once. She gives my life harmony and a great deal of maturity. I appreciate her very much.


Michael Mikaben was born. Haitian singer Michael Benjamin was. In 1981, he was Born near Haiti’s Ouest region, in Port-au-Prince. He has a father named Lionel Benjamin, and a mother named Roselin Benjamin. 

Mikaben and Vanessa got married in November 2020. She is well recognized for her work at TaxFit, a specialized tax preparation agency with a base in Miramar, Florida, in addition to being Mikaben’s wife.

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