Madison Bailey, a lesbian from the Outer Banks, rose to fame after starring in the teen drama series Kiara.

Despite her youth, she has built a sizable fan base as a result of her accomplishments. On Instagram alone, the homosexual legend has over 6.7 million fans.

Bailey discusses her professional and personal life with her admirers on the site. The actress also discusses her connection with her lover on a daily basis on her social media accounts.

Who Is Madison Bailey Dating? What Is Her Relationship Status?

Mariah Linney, a basketball player at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, is Bailey’s girlfriend. With a short video in June 2020, the two made Instagram and TikTok official.

She can be seen mouthing along to the voiceover, repeatedly insisting, “I’m not falling,” before finally admitting to falling in love as Linney enters the screen.

Who Is Madison Bailey Dating

Through TikTok, Bailey became acquainted with her girlfriend. One of Linney’s TikToks drew the attention of the Outer Banks actress.

Bailey revealed to ET that after watching the video, she went on the quest for Linney’s Instagram. They began exchanging direct messages before agreeing to meet in person.

“I was staying in a hotel in Charleston and said, ‘Come hang out with me.'” We can have a conversation and relax together. “Everything is shut, so we can’t go anyplace,” she explained. “Then she moved to Los Angeles.”

Bailey went on to explain why they decided to make their relationship public on social media.

“It’s a major problem. ‘No matter what happens, you will be in my life forever,’ I thought to myself as I posted it on social media. I am quite concerned about her… “I believe I’ve found my soul mate.”

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Madison Bailey and Girlfriend’s Relationship

Who Is Madison Bailey Dating

Madison Bailey and her girlfriend had gone through a lot in their relationship since they first started dating.

Bailey and Linney both used Instagram to commemorate the events. She posted numerous photos of herself and Linney together on Facebook on June 8, 2021.

She captioned the photo, “365 with you,” and added a butterfly and a black heart emoji.

Linney followed up with a post the next day, revealing that they had spent the entire weekend celebrating their anniversary.

Bailey also stated that the more time they spent together, the deeper her feelings for Linney grew.

Madison Bailey Partner

Basketball player Mariah Linney is dating Madison Bailey. On their forearms, the couple had identical tattoos.

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Madison Bailey Parents

Who Is Madison Bailey Dating

Madison Bailey was adopted as a child by white parents who raised her. Her biological parents’ names remain unknown.

Madison Bailey Instagram

Madison Bailey’s Instagram account has over 5.4 million followers, and she uses the platform to post the majority of her videos and images.

Coming Out

Aside from her personal life, Bailey has been candid about her sexual identity exploration.

She had a child when she was 18, but she was still drawn to boys. She assumed she was bisexual as a result of this, but changed her opinion after dating a trans lad she met while working on a production.

She realized she was pansexual after the event. She was first terrified about coming out and telling her mother. When she told her parents, they were unconcerned.

Who Is Madison Bailey Dating

Bailey claims that coming out made her feel “less heavy.” It was “wonderful” for her to be able to be open about her personal life and let her followers in.

The actress was also spared any public humiliation as a result of her sexuality. For the same reason, she considers herself fortunate because, unlike most LGBTQ people, she has never experienced a lack of support.

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