Liver King is a well-known bodybuilder, businessman, and social media personality. However, the majority of people are familiar with him due to his unique way of life and his strong support for the nine principles of ancestral living.

Others are familiar with him from his consumption of raw liver and heavy weight lifting. BODYBUILDER Liver King gained notoriety as a TikTok star who included raw liver in his diet.

However, Queen Liver should be every king’s consort, and some of his supporters may be curious as to her identity.

Who Is Liver Queen, The King’s Wife?

Who Is Liver King Wife

Liver King is married to Liver Queen, aka Barbara Johnson. She is a regular fixture in the background of his TikTok and Instagram videos.

Barbra practices the ancestral traditions of her spouse in addition to her profession as a dentist.

Brian’s diet of raw beef liver, protein drinks, egg yolks, and bone marrow is well-received by his wife, who affectionately refers to him as “Bear.”

The Liver Queen, Does She Use Social Media?

Liver Queen, like her husband, is an Influencer.

She had just under 75K followers as of October 2022 on her Instagram account, @theliverqueen.

She frequently publishes lifestyle films there that feature her family’s strict workout and diet plan.

Are There Any Kids Of The Liver King and Liver Queen?

Frequently referenced are the couple’s two children, The Savage Liver Boys. While their oldest Stryker was thought to have been born in 2007, their youngest Rad was said to have been born in 2009.

They significantly influence Liver King’s choice to live this way right now. When they were young, his kids routinely went to the hospital for allergies and other illnesses.

Who Is Liver King Wife

In a speech to his supporters, he said, “The real wake-up call occurred when one of my sons stopped breathing.”

Fortunately, we were. We were early enough to get to the hospital.” I was determined to solve the problem, and my wife was too. Never to try our luck again

“Like any parent would do, we tried everything. We began our journey there. In a desperate search for solutions, Johnson read the book Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon. “Confronting politically acceptable nutrition and diet dictates,” reads the subtitle.

The nine traditional principles—to eat, sleep, move, shine, connect, cold, sun, fight, and bond—have now been incorporated into the family’s way of life.

Does Queen Liver Eat The Same Thing As King Liver?

She follows her husband’s diet exactly. She was given the moniker “Queen Liver” due to her diet. They both eat the same thing as their two kids. You are now up to speed with Liver Queen, the wife of a bodybuilder and an entrepreneur. She encourages him and is pleased with his endeavors.

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