Lil’ Kim, a legend in the genre of rap, has been in the spotlight this past week, though not for her own songs. The recent release of the ‘WAP’ music video featuring Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion has fans making similarities to Lil’ Kim’s historic influence and iconic appearance.

Many people began to appreciate Kim after seeing the parallels between her and the squatting, spinning statues of Cards B and Megan Thee Stallion, which is reminiscent of Kim’s notorious position on the cover art for her “Hardcore” album, and the comparable hairstyles that she’s rocked in her peak.

Now the Queen Bee is back in the headlines, but this time for a more troubling reason: the father of her child posted a distressing statement online about their relationship.

For nearly twenty years, Lil’ Kim has been an icon in the hip-hop community. There have been many more opportunities for female rappers because of the undisputed Queen Bee. Kim has developed into a well-rounded individual, both professionally and as a mother.

Lil’ Kim Once Was Pregnant with The Notorious B.I.G.’s Child

Lil’ Kim Once Was Pregnant with The Notorious B.I.G.’s Child

Midway through the recording of her debut album Hard Core, Lil’ Kim became pregnant for the first time. The Notorious B.I.G. was married to Faith Evans when they began dating.

Kim decided to terminate the pregnancy instead of having the baby. In 1999, she explained her decision to The Source magazine, saying, “I already knew the kind of relationship that Biggie and I had, and I knew that [having a kid] was something that couldn’t take place.”

Royal Reign, Daughter of Rapper Lil Kim

Royal Reign, Daughter of Rapper Lil Kim

Around the month of June 2014, Lil Kim welcomed her first child, a daughter she called Royal Reign. Her fiance, the rapper Mr. Papers, was there for the birth.

Kim has often expressed her joy at being a mother to her “bestie,” of whom she is very proud. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight in 2021, she gushed, “My daughter is understanding; she is so smart.”

Mr. Papers Is the Father of Lil Kim’s Baby

Mr. Papers Is the Father of Lil Kim's Baby

Kim also told ET about the family she and Mr. Papers have formed over the years and how it is expanding as they do. She said, “At home, everything’s beautiful.” Our family is quite content. Their public relationship has been marked by tension for many years, but they finally reconciled in 2020.

Mr. Papers uses Instagram frequently, and many of his postings are sweet messages to Kim or their kid. He posted a video of his daughter working out at the gym with the caption, “I’m just training my baby to be a fighter like daddy!” Don’t mess with my identical twin, okay?

He posted a video of himself and his daughter cuddling in bed in December 2020 and remarked on how much his daughter looked like her mother. She said softly, “You guys, he’s just a little out of his mind.”

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Mr. Papers Wants to Have Another Baby with Lil’ Kim

Mr. Papers has two daughters, and he and his wife are eager to start a family. Mr. Papers answered a fan’s question about whether or not he wanted to have more children with the legendary rapper in the comments of a photo he made to Instagram in July 2020.

We’re hoping for a rematch with Kim. The admirer declared, “Remy’s pregnant; Kim’s turn has come.” We’re two steps ahead of you,” papers shot back.


Lil’ Kim, the legendary rapper, has been in the news lately for both her influence on the genre and her personal life. While fans have been drawing parallels between her iconic appearance and the new “WAP” music video, her ex-partner’s recent distressing statement has also made headlines.

Despite this, Lil’ Kim has continued to thrive professionally and as a mother to her daughter Royal Reign, whom she shares with rapper Mr. Papers.

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