Despite his youth, Jacob Bertrand has gained a lot of recognition and critical acclaim. The rising star’s extensive experience in the media field deserves all of the credit. He went on to guest star in TV shows including ‘The Cape’ and ‘The Middle’ after his appearance as Thomas Wilkins in ‘Duress.’

Bertrand later rose to fame on Nickelodeon after starring as the protagonist in ‘Marvin Marvin’ and as the main character’s voice in ‘Bubble Guppies’ in 2012.

Bertrand’s burgeoning career soared as he starred as the eponymous character in the Disney XD adventure comedy series ‘Kirby Buckets’ in 2014. From his recurring role as Eli “Hawk” Moskowitz in season 1 of ‘Cobra Kai,’ the actor joined the main cast in season 2.

His outstanding performance in martial arts comedy-drama has garnered him millions of fans, but what about his personal life? Here’s everything you need to know about the lucky lady who has captured his heart!

Who Is Jacob Bertrand Dating?

Who Is Jacob Bertrand Dating

Jacob Bertrand is dating and has a stable relationship with Serena Pullen. Serena Pullen and Jacob Bertrand have been together for more than four years.

Currently, Jacob Bertrand resides in Los Angeles. He enjoys hiking, surfing, rock climbing, playing the guitar, skating, and working in a woodshop. As a result, Jacob Bertrand has been dating Serena Pullen for over four years. They were still in a stable relationship.

Peyton List is presently single. She dated fellow actor Cameron Monaghan from 2017 to 2019.

Cameron Monaghan and PeytonList met while filming Anthem of a Teenage Prophet. Then, in 2019, they discreetly called it quits. Peyton List has not publicly dated or been in a relationship since their breakup, but there have been rumours about a certain Netflix star on the way.

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Jacob Bertrand Confirmed Dating Girlfriend Peyton List

Who Is Jacob Bertrand Dating

Following their repeated public appearances at Hollywood events in early 2022, rumours of Bertrand dating List began to circulate.

In February 2022, they were seen together at the Critics Choice Awards and at the Vanity Fair.

To top it off, they shared images of themselves on social media, with poignant remarks and posts dedicated to each other’s birthdays.

Despite the apparent growing attraction, neither of them had spoken anything about their relationship.

But that all changed on March 22, 2022, when TMZ caught them together at Los Angeles International Airport.

They had been “dating for a time,” Bertrand revealed. He went on to say that he had never dated his co-star before and that their relationship was “nearly a test by fire.”

In the same interview, the young actor said that he and his girlfriend had a good time on the set of Cobra Kai before “hanging out off-set.”

His girlfriend confirmed their relationship in another interview with TMZ. When asked if dating someone she worked with was problematic, List said, “Yeah, I suppose so. Then consider the repercussions later!”

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Jacob Bertrand’s Girlfriend

Who Is Jacob Bertrand Dating

Jacob Bertrand is one of the few persons who were fortunate enough to find real love at an early age. For years, he has been in a happy relationship with Serena Pullen.

In May 2018, he referred to her as his “best friend,” but on July 25 of the same year, he wished her a happy anniversary. His lovely girlfriend accompanied him to his senior year prom, and the two looked stunning!

Some of Bertrand’s fans began to believe that he married while pursuing his acting profession. However, he continues to emphasise how much he misses Serena on a daily basis, so this seems improbable. He gushes about the fact that his lady love shows up on his sets, and the two are undeniably charming!

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Rumors of Jacob Bertrand and Serena Pullen’s Break Up

Bertrand stopped sharing images with his fiancée in late 2019, and as the period dragged on, some speculated that he and Pullen had broken up.

All of the rumours are false since the couple is still together. It appears that they have only recently stopped publicising their relationship. Maybe that’s why Pullen has made her Instagram account private.

Bertrand has also been less active on social media than he used to be, only posting photographs of his career or his co-stars.

Another sign of their relationship is the actor and co-star Xolo Mariduena’s podcast, Lone Lobos with Xolo Mariduena and Jacob Bertrand.

Who Is Jacob Bertrand Dating`

The two co-stars first discussed many amazing Netflix shows, including the latest blockbuster show Squid Game, on the October 12, 2021, episode of the podcast, titled The Neighbors Know Our Name.

Bertrand mentioned that he and his girlfriend were watching Squid Game, and Pullen abruptly stated that actress HoYeon Jung – who plays Kang Sae-byeok – was attractive.

“That’s the thing I’ll say,” he said. When I’m watching something, I’ll never say that I believe a girl on the show is attractive. I’ll wait for her [Pullen] to remark, ‘Wow, that girl is gorgeous,’ and then it’ll be OK to say yes, that girl is rather cute.”

The two friends also discussed how Bertrand once imitated Pullen’s voice in Atlanta, Georgia, and how this enraged Pullen, even though Mariduena thought it was “the funniest thing ever.”

Who Is Jacob Bertrand Dating

Given all of this, it’s safe to assume Bertrand and Pullen are still dating, albeit quietly.

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