On television, Henry Cavill plays a superhero, but he’s known for being a handsome heartbreaker in real life. The Superman star has a long dating history, and we don’t expect it to be cut short anytime soon by marriage. Check out the long list of ladies who have claimed to be Henry Cavill’s girlfriend—and see if he’s still dating anyone.

Henry Cavill and Girlfriend Natalie Viscuso

Let’s start with a fact: Henry Cavill is currently in a relationship, and he’s been happily in love with Natalie Viscuso! Henry is officially off the market for anyone – probably many ladies – who has a huge crush on him.

Natalie Viscuso is arguably best known for her performance on MTV’s My Super Sweet 16 in 2005. Natalie is currently a vice president of television and digital studios at Legendary Entertainment, which is also responsible for the films “Man of Steel” and “Enola Holmes,” both of which were released in 2013.

Who Is Henry Cavill Dating

They revealed their love on their Instagram accounts of each other. “This is me looking quietly confident moments before my lovely and bright love Natalie destroys me at chess,” Cavill captioned his first photo of Natalie and him playing chess in April 2021. That photo clearly demonstrates Henry’s love for Natalie. We can see how he looks at her in that photo.

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Is Henry Cavill Married or Unmarried?

First and foremost, Henry Cavill has not formally married anyone. He came close to walking down the aisle with show jumping rider Ellen Whitaker in 2011, but the two broke up shortly after he proposed 2011.

Cavill may have reasoned that it would be prudent to return to the field afterward—and he did.

Henry Cavill and Gina Carano

It was no secret that as soon as Henry began dating Gina, he received a barrage of nasty feedback on social media and during interviews. “Gina was no good for him,” “Gina’s reputation would harm his career,” and, most crucially, Gina’s callous tweets, which led to her firing from “The Mandalorian,” had a significant influence on Henry’s reputation as well.

Who Is Henry Cavill Dating

Henry made no attempt to defend himself, instead only stating his thoughts on the public’s view of them. In reality, the only thing we know about their relationship is that it was a roller coaster and unstable relationship, and they finally broke up in 2014, only for Henry to date Karley Cuoco for ten days and Tara King for two months. Henry, what happened to you?

Being Engaged with Ellen Whitaker but Only Lasted for Less than A Year

Henry Whitaker was the only girl he ever proposed to and gave the ring to. They got engaged in 2011 and the relationship lasted less than a year.

There were few sources of information concerning what was going on between them during their time together. We may rest comfortable, however, that their breakup was not caused by intense fighting or significant tension between them. “There was no fallout,” several sources added. They simply agreed that it wasn’t working.” As a result of their mutual agreement, Ellen Whitaker and Antonia Marinas Soto had a kid soon after.

Being Engaged with Ellen Whitaker but Only Lasted for Less than A Year

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Is Henry Cavill Dating Anyone Now?

Yes, the Man of Steel star is no longer available for work. Henry Cavill is dating Natalie Viscuso, and the two announced their relationship on Instagram in April.

So, who is this new love interest in Cavill’s life? She was initially exposed to the world in an episode of MTV’s My Super Sweet 16 in 2005, according to Internet investigators. She expressed an interest in attending the University of Southern California in Los Angeles at the time. That desire came true, according to her LinkedIn page, and she finished with a degree in cinematic arts in 2011.

She is now Legendary Entertainment’s Vice President of Television and Digital Studios. That’s the studio behind The Hangover and Godzilla vs. Kong, among many other blockbusters. Her studio is also responsible for films starring Cavill, such as Man of Steel and Enola Holmes.

Who Is Henry Cavill Dating

While we don’t know how long Cavill and Viscuso have been dating, they must be serious because they made their relationship Instagram official. Cavill, on the other hand, would prefer that fans stop speculating about their relationship. He recently took to Instagram to respond to individuals who obsess over every detail of his personal life.

“There has been a lot of, let’s call it speculation, for now, concerning my private life and business partnerships,” he said in the lengthy article. Now, while I appreciate the passion and support of those who are speculating,’ it has gotten to the point that I felt compelled to say anything, which is a horrible thing in and of itself.” He ended the caption by reiterating his dedication to Viscuso. “I am content in love and in life.” If you were pleased with me, it would be fantastic.”

Regardless of the “negative perceptions” they’ve faced since coming public with their relationship, we’re genuinely delighted for them. We’ll keep a watch on their social media accounts for any further developments in their relationship.

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