Who Is Cooper Noriega Dating

Who Is Cooper Noriega Dating? Everything You Need to Know!

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Cooper Noriega, a TikTok celebrity, died tragically at the age of 19.

In 2019, the Californian online sensation joined the platform and gained over two million followers on his profile, where he shared comedy skits, lip-sync videos, and trending videos.

He was pronounced dead in a parking lot in Burbank, Los Angeles, on Thursday, according to a representative for the Los Angeles Medical Examiner-Coroner (June 9th).

His cause of death is unknown as of this writing. The autopsy report was “delayed,” which means that the results were inconclusive and that more research is needed.

Many people are asking whether the late kid had a girlfriend as a tribute to his flood social media. Cooper just divorced his ex-girlfriend Sabrina Quesada, who is also a TikTok sensation.

Who Is Sabrina Quesada?

Sabrina Quesada is a TikTok star from Mexico City, Mexico, who is 19 years old. She has over four million Instagram followers, and she uses the platform to provide lip-sync, dance, and trending content.

She is based in America and has over 254 million likes on her videos, which frequently have ten million views. She has followers all around the world.

Who Is Cooper Noriega Dating

The adolescent also has 767,000 Instagram followers, and she recently paid respect to her ex-boyfriend by posting a photo of him with the caption:

“You are the best thing that has ever occurred to me, the light of my life.” My dear, please accept my heartfelt apologies. “Perhaps we will meet again.”

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Inside Their Relationship

Who Is Cooper Noriega Dating

Sabrina and Cooper Noriega began dating in October 2020 and quickly rose to prominence as a TikTok power couple, frequently sharing videos together. They did, however, agree to part in March or April 2022.

“Hi people, me and Cooper are no longer together and would like some space during this time,” she wrote on her Instagram story. Please don’t make any conclusions because neither of us did anything.”

“It was a decision that both of us made.” We’re still young, and things don’t always go as planned. He will always be my dearest buddy and I will always love him. “Thank you very much,” she continued.

There was never any bad blood between them, and it’s evident that Sabrina still adores Cooper, as evidenced by the numerous videos of the two on her TikTok site.

The couple is holding and kissing in one video posted to the top of her profile, while another shows a montage of her crying with two photographs of him at the conclusion.

When Did Cooper and Sabrina Break Up?

Sabrina made a shocking admission about her connection with Cooper on April 21, 2022.

“Hi people, me and Cooper are no longer together and would like some space during this time,” she wrote on Instagram.

“Please don’t make any assumptions about us because neither of us did anything.”

Who Is Cooper Noriega Dating

“It was a joint decision,” the internet star said.

“We’re just kids, and things don’t always work out the way you want them to.”

Sabrina continued, “I will always adore him and consider him to be my best friend. Thank you for everything, folks.”

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Who Is Cooper Noriega’s Ex-Girlfriend, Sabrina Quesada?

Sabrina Quesada is a social media influencer from Mexico City, Mexico, who was born on March 1, 2002.

Sabrina, like her ex-boyfriend Cooper Noriega, rose to fame thanks to TikTok.

She has almost four million fans on the video-sharing site.

Her Instagram account has nearly 705,000 followers.

She joined the all-girl internet personality collective Not A Content House, often known as NACH, in August 2020.

Sabrina revealed that she would be leaving NACH in February 2021.

Her resignation coincided with the merger of NACH and Top Talent House, a now-defunct influencer group.

Cooper shared and later deleted a post regarding the incident at the time of her leave: “House managers/management are literally s**t. People who are the most manipulative and strangely sexual to the girls.”

Who Is Cooper Noriega Dating

Sabrina also starred in a season of ATV’s Next Influencer, a YouTube reality series hosted by Hype House member Alex Warren, in December 2020.

She and Cooper’s relationship became the focus of breakup rumors during her tenure on the show.

A video of Sabrina exchanging a kiss with Julian Jara, another internet star, sparked the speculation.

She debunked the claims on Twitter, writing, “Lol I did not cheat on Coop.”

“It’s a SHOW, and it’s pre-filmed. Take nothing on it too seriously; I’ve been acting for years and know how to do it properly.”

“Coop is fully aware of everything that transpired on the show,” she added in another tweet.

“Please stop making stuff up; I phoned him all the time and told him about it.”