Who Is Chloe Bailey Dating

The connection between an American rapper and an American actress has sparked public interest.

You may have caught a glimpse of these two holding hands or at a basketball game. However, the way they enjoy each other’s company suggests that they are on to something special.

Okay, we’re referring to Gunna and Chloe Bailey. And it’s unlikely that you haven’t heard about their rumors, which have been swirling for months and have thrown their fans into disarray.

Fans appear to have gotten a response to their question about their relationship status. In several videos, the duo responded to the rumors in various ways.

Are you interested in finding out what it is? Obviously, you appreciate hearing about celebrity gossip, don’t you? We’re not worried, either, hehe.

As a result, we’ve put up a summary of all the information we gathered from the reports. All you have to do now is read the information in front of you.

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How Did Gunna & Chloe’s Relationship Rumors Begin?

Who Is Chloe Bailey Dating

These celebrities have been teased since October 20, 2021. It all started when they were spotted together at a basketball game supporting Gunna’s hometown Atlanta Hawks.

Gunna and Chloe were among those who shared photos on the basketball team’s Twitter account.

Following that, Gunna was asked by numerous outlets about what was going on between them, but he grinned and said they were not dating, that it was just like a date, but one where you enjoy the vibes.

“It’s true, we’re not dating.” That was simply a date, though, where you go to a game and get a vibe,” Gunna explained.

Well, it looks that their dating rumors aren’t over; something else has happened, leading many to believe that they’re dating halfway.

As every star does, they were seen holding hands as they walked away from the media and spectators after a Lakers game in Los Angeles.

When promoting his then-unreleased record on The Breakfast Club a week later, Gunna had to react to the interviewer’s questions concerning their predictions once more.

They’re just ‘close pals’ who have a successful song together, he claims. “We’re extremely close friends, we got a hit song together,” he added while “shooting his shot a little bit.” As expressed by Gunna.

Gunna, on the other hand, confessed that he would be disappointed if Bailey started dating someone else.

He explained, “It wouldn’t be very playa of her to waste my time.” “I’d definitely keep it playa if she moved on,” he added, “but I wouldn’t like it, no.”

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Are Chloe Bailey and Gunna Dating?

Who Is Chloe Bailey Dating

Chloe Bailey and Gunna were previously making the rounds on Twitter after being photographed courtside at a Hawks vs. Mavericks NBA game on October 21, 2021.

The two were photographed seated next to each other with a tiny table between them, giving the impression that they were on a date.

Chloe and Gunna’s night out came less than a month after the rapper took to Instagram to criticize her performance at the 2021 Video Music Awards.

“It’s the tongue emoji for me,” Gunna said besides a screenshot from Chloe’s performance when she licked her mic while performing her song, Have Mercy.

Chloe never responded to Gunna’s tweet publicly, but she did address her performance on Instagram a few days after it aired.

She wrote, “I promise I didn’t even know I licked the mic until I watched the performance back.”

Chloe Bailey Also Answered the Rumours

Who Is Chloe Bailey Dating

Chloe felt forced to adjust to the rumors as they approached Gunna’s ears, and she was listening to them as well.

In an Instagram live video, she revealed her love life, but it turns out it wasn’t with a human, but with music.

“It seems like everyone is curious about my romantic life.” “My love life is music, sweetie,” she told a publication.

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What Did the Public Think of Chloe Bailey and Gunna?

“They look so good omg,” one Twitter user said about Gunna and Chloe during the NBA game.

“I’m hoping they’re just pals because ain’t no way boy hahaha,” another said.

“Are those promise rings…” wrote a third enthusiast.

Despite the fact that they have been spotted together, Gunna and Chloe have yet to confirm or deny dating rumors.

Gunna and Chloe were seen walking hand in hand in public again on Wednesday, February 9th, 2022.

Who Is Chloe Bailey Dating

They were dressed similarly this time, indicating a relationship.

They’ve just used Instagram to promote their music video so far.

Apart from a music video they filmed together, they haven’t even announced that they are dating or posted anything about each other on Instagram.

Gunna released an image from their music video “You & Me” depicting himself and Bailey on a couch.

Bailey captioned a clip from the music video with heart emoticons, saying, “You & I video out now.”

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