Who Is Carol Kirkwood Dating

Carol Kirkwood, a BBC Breakfast weather presenter, was observed sporting a ring on her wedding finger while presenting the weather from the Chelsea Flower Show 2022, prompting speculation that she is engaged.

In 1998, the former Strictly Come Dancing star joined the BBC as a Weather Presenter, finishing 10th in the 2015 series.

While the rest of the breakfast team, including Naga Munchetty, Nina Warhurst, and the recently departed Dan Walker, moved to Manchester’s Media City, Carol stayed in London and now hosts the weather via video link.

As we look at everything you need to know…, she shared some pleasant news with viewers during her live-link weather segment.

Who Is Carol Kirkwood’s Partner?

Who Is Carol Kirkwood Dating

Carol Kirkwood has kept the identity of her new lover a secret, but she did make some unusual statements about her new love in a 2021 interview with Prima Magazine. “He always prepares me a cup of tea before I go to work in the morning, which is quite romantic – it’s 2.45 a.m., and he frequently leaves me a small love note for when I come home from work,” she said. That’s worth a million red roses to me.”

“He is the best thing that has ever happened to me, without a shadow of a doubt,” Carol added, clearly infatuated with her new partner.

Carol lost one of her closest pals in 2020 when her beloved pet cat Donald died, and she was living alone in Bray, Maidenhead until she met her new fiance-to-be.

“I’m quite satisfied with my relationship status at the moment,” she said at the time, indicating that she had been dating since 2016. I’m not married! It didn’t matter because I’d recently started dating someone.”

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Is Carol Kirkwood Engaged?

Who Is Carol Kirkwood Dating

Carol Kirkwood declared she is engaged during this morning’s (23rd May) breakfast show, flashing viewers a glimpse of her sparkling ring. As they moved to the weather report, presenter Sally Nugent said, “I’m a little concerned about how you’re standing up with a large rock on that left hand.”

“Thank you so much, Sal!” It’s quite lovely. “I’ve been engaged!” Carol grinned and revealed her ring as she confirmed.

“It’s the best news!” Sally continued. We are absolutely ecstatic. Congratulations.

“Can we corroborate what occurred to the rest of the country?” Sally had inquired.

“Thank you very much!” Carol smiled, “I guess you just have Sally.”

“We got engaged while on vacation.” So it’s wonderful news, and we’re both ecstatic. Thank you very much!”

“On behalf of everyone here and at home,” Jon Kay, who is apparently replacing Dan Walker, continued, “we’re all very chuffed for you Carol.”

Who Is Carol Kirkwood Dating

“We went out for a picnic and I had absolutely no idea,” Carol said afterward. “The weather was wonderful, we were sitting chatting, and then my other half was a wee bit worried for some reason that I didn’t know, and he was fumbling in his pocket, and out came a ring.”

“I thought he was joking at first, and I didn’t trust him at all,” she continued, “but it was nice, and it was extremely sweet.”

And viewers have congratulated Carol and her future husband on their engagement, with one tweeting, “Congratulations Carol and to your future spouse on your engagement.”

“Fantastic!” said another. Carol, I congratulate you.”

“Just the finest news,” a third fan commented. Carol, I congratulate you.”

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When Did Carol Kirkwood and Her Fiancé Start Dating?

The couple started dating before June 20, 2021, although it’s unclear how long they’ve been together.

During the interview with Prima, Carol and her fiance appeared to be living together.

“I’m a little bit concerned about you this morning,” Sally Nugent remarked live on air, confirming the engagement.

“I’m not sure how Carol manages to stand up with that huge rock on her left hand!”

Who Is Carol Kirkwood’s Husband?

Who Is Carol Kirkwood Dating

Carol Kirkwood was previously married to Jimmy Kirkwood, a cricketer. Carol and Jimmy married in 1990 but separated in 2008.

Carol previously stated regarding the split, “I found myself when I got divorced.” ‘I’m not going to say no, I’m going to say yes!’ I began to think as I began to do things.

Carol went on to say that she had discovered a sense of bravery within herself as well.

“I’m braver now,” she continued. I’ve leaped out of planes with the Red Devils and flown with the Red Arrows. I would never have done that when I was younger because I would have believed it was “too unsafe!” ‘Oh, you’ve got to enjoy your life!’ I think now.

After competing with professional dancer Pasha Kovalev on BBC One’s Strictly Come Dancing.

“I was married for a long time, and I got married young,” she continued, “so it’s good to do things now that I have the flexibility to do.”

“I have the freedom to go to the theater or out to supper with friends.”

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