What Happened to Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker

Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker’s outpouring of support for one another after their split has sparked rumors that the two are already re-entering the dating scene.

A source tells Us Weekly that the two were spotted at a liquor store in the Hamptons, New York, on July 1. Additionally, they were observed on the west coast barely five days before.

Devin and Kendall Jenner were in a small room on the second floor of Soho House.

What Happened to Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker

According to a source, “I didn’t see them making out, but they appeared extremely cuddly” on Sunday, June 26, when the former couple was spotted together in Los Angeles. In addition to me, there were a few others about. “It seems like everyone was having a good time!”

On the patio of the SoHo House Malibu, the paparazzi snapped images of the two having an intimate tête-à-tête.

Kendall, 26, even showed Devin Booker, 25, something on her phone that made the two of them chuckle.

According to an insider who spoke to Life & Style exclusively on June 22, “they’ve been separated for a week or two now,” and that they’re “taking space to work on their respective lives at the moment,” Kendall and Devin are still showing public signals of support and adoration.

What Happened to Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker

On June 26, the model posted a provocative snapshot of herself sunbathing bare on Instagram, and Devin liked it.

A photo of the Phoenix Suns star on the pitcher’s mound at the Arizona Diamondbacks stadium was liked by the brunette beauty on Instagram the same day, saying in the comment, “at the park.”

There is no doubt that things between Kendall and Devin are still cordial and pleasant, even if they have temporarily put their romance on hold.

During a trip to Portofino, Italy, for her sister Kourtney Kardashian’s wedding to Travis Barker in May, the couple made their final public appearance together.

It appeared that Kendall and Devin’s relationship was solid, as he was her date on such a significant family occasion.

What Happened to Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker

When neither Devin nor Kendall posted anything to mark their two-year anniversary of dating on June 12, fans began to wonder if their relationship was still going strong.

The year before, they celebrated by exchanging images of their relationship. There were reports of them ending their romance less than two weeks later.

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