Glow up, girl! Winter Everett, star of the successful reality series The Family Chantel, filmed her weight loss surgery journey for fans to follow.

Kayla La Vende, better known as “The Weight Loss Barbie” on TikTok, was the driving force behind Winter’s decision to undergo weight loss surgery. Kayla exclusively tells In Touch how Winter is doing on her weight loss journey.

“Winter’s adventure is going really well. ” Glow-in-the-dark: In a video interview with In Touch, Kayla La Vende says, “Her confidence is just shining through.”

When we’re first dating, we communicate frequently. Every now and then, she’d send me an email and ask, “Hey, is this correct?”

To put it another way, “the scale hasn’t moved this week.” So, I’d just tell her “Don’t change a thing. Stay the course. Make sure you’re getting plenty of liquid and protein. And sleep enough!”

It’s great to watch her exercising every day because that’s exactly what I aim to do, as a TikToker said.

'Weight Loss Barbie' Shares Winter Everett's Weight Loss Journey

The reason I say this is because I see her doing it. As a result, we serve as each other’s biggest supporters.”

During the fourth season of TLC’s The Family Chantel, viewers saw Winter bond with Kayla, a social media manager at a weight loss clinic in Tijuana, Mexico’s Elias Ortiz & Company.

Winter opted to have a gastric sleeve procedure with Dr. Elias Ortiz after seeing Kayla’s outcomes from her own weight loss surgery at EOC.

There are more minor requirements for surgery in Mexico and it’s more cost-effective for the 26-year-old Winter, who appeared on the season 4 premiere of The Bachelor.

As far as my family is concerned, I’ve made this decision on my own and will follow through with it.

Many viewers were concerned about Winter’s decision to seek weight loss surgery in Mexico; however, Kayla offers some advice to people who may be wary of traveling outside the country for medical treatment.

“The most important piece of advice I can give you is to do your homework. If you’re considering bariatric surgery, you should absolutely check out Elias Ortiz and Company,” she says.

In terms of obesity, Tijuana is the world’s bariatric capital.” The largest business in Tijuana is EOC. Bariatric professor: Dr. Ortiz The figures don’t lie, the statistics don’t lie.

Do your research. As a result, you should only trust your health to a surgeon with a proven track record. In addition to that, don’t be cynical. There are some of the world’s top surgeons practicing in other nations, so don’t be afraid.

Winter was terrified of losing her identity as a trendy, gorgeous plus-size lady after having gastric sleeve surgery because she was fearful of losing her identity as she lost weight. Kayla, on the other hand, had a firm grasp of Winter’s perspective and was able to put her at ease.

'Weight Loss Barbie' Shares Winter Everett's Weight Loss Journey``

Kayla notes that she could identify with Winter’s fear of losing her plus-size identity. “I explained to her that everything would remain the same.

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It’s going to grow, and even if you don’t inspire some people anymore, there will be a whole new universe of people who want to improve and get better because of it.

If you want to make a change, you have to love your body enough to be positive about it. And that’s fine with me, too. That’s what she had to hear from me, so I simply explained and showed her pictures of myself and was like, “Hey, I have the same clothes. They’ve been reworked.

‘I’ve made them smaller to match my needs now.’ Like, my style hasn’t changed at all. And because shopping has become so much more convenient, my sense of style has evolved to reflect this newfound ease.

Therefore, I shared those photographs and my experiences with her as it is kind of tough at first because you are in such a specific demographic and then you do shift,” the social media celebrity adds. When you’re not motivating those folks, you begin to wonder, “Where do I belong now?”

'Weight Loss Barbie' Shares Winter Everett's Weight Loss Journey

When you inspire others, you open up a whole new universe of possibilities. After our conversation, I think she became more confident in her decision to go through with surgery and realized that ‘I don’t have to change, my body will change, but I’m still the same.’ As a result of this training, you become a lot more disciplined, organized, and capable.”

On social media, Winter continues to share her weight loss progress with her followers nearly a year after the procedure. Kayla states that Georgia native Kayla is ready to take the next step in her weight loss makeover because her weight loss has been going so well.

When it comes to plastic surgery, Kayla explains that Winter is “nearly qualified” for it at this point in her journey. “My stomach tuck and other treatments with Dr. Omar Lazos were completed at the end of last year.

So we’ve been talking about it and I’ve been taking her through the plastics process and putting her in touch with Dr. Lazos for further information.

It would be great if she came back when she was ready for the voyage to be over. She’s doing wonderful and I’m very proud of her,” I said. “

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