Vladimir Putin Illness

Vladimir Putin Illness: He is is fighting abdominal cancer and Parkinson’s disease!

Celebrity Illness

Taekwondo is a martial art that Russian President Vladimir Putin practices. We’ve seen morphed photos of him posing shirtless and ‘riding’ a bear (he didn’t, and Putin himself confirmed this). All of Putin’s efforts to project an “invincible” image were dashed when it was revealed that he has a rare disease that requires surgery.

According to the British tabloid The Sun, the Kremlin leader will undergo surgery later this month to treat abdominal cancer, which he was diagnosed with 18 months ago.

Putin is expected to delegate power to ex-KGB chief Nikolai Patrushev for a limited time. Patrushev, 70, is a key figure in Ukraine’s war strategy. He is said to have persuaded Putin that Kyiv is rife with neo-Nazis. The current Secretary of Russia’s Security Council will assume temporary command of Russia’s military operations in Ukraine.

Who Is Nikolai Patrushev?

Vladimir Putin Illness

Nikolai Patrushev, born in June 1951, is Putin’s go-to guy. His ties to Putin date back many years. Putin was supposed to hand over power to the Russian Prime Minister, but Patrsuhev was chosen instead.

Patrushev is a key player in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and a KGB counterintelligence offer. According to reports, Patrushev was hired after only a two-hour meeting with Putin.

Patrushev also has extensive military experience.

Abdominal Cancer – What Is It?

Vladimir Putin Illness

Abdominal cancer is a type of cancer that develops when abnormal cells proliferate uncontrollably throughout the abdomen.

Normally, old or damaged cells in the abdomen stop dividing and eventually die. Healthy young cells replace these cells. When old or damaged cells divide and multiply in an uncontrollable manner, abdominal cancer develops.

If left untreated, this cancer can be deadly. The prognosis or progression of diseases is determined by the stage of cancer’s progression as well as other factors such as age, medical history, coexisting conditions, and other factors.

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Putin And Parkinson’s

Vladimir Putin Illness

Vladimir Putin is said to be suffering from Parkinson’s disease in addition to his abdominal cancer. The revelation that he has Parkinson’s disease gained traction after a video of him meeting his Defense Minister, Sergei Shoigu, went viral on social media. Putin can be seen gripping the table tightly while speaking with the minister in the video. He was sinking back into his chair as well.

The video has been viewed 2.4 billion times, with many people wondering if Russia’s President has Parkinson’s disease.

Another video surfaced on April 24, 2022, showing Putin meeting Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko. In February 2022, the meeting took place. Putin is seen shaking his hands and pressing them against his chest to keep them from trembling in the video. As he walks to embrace Lukashenko, he is seen walking with a stiff leg.

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Why Parkinson’s?

Putin’s condition is linked to Parkinson’s because the disease typically begins with shaking or tremors in one hand in Parkinson’s, which is a progressive nervous system disorder. When the patient first begins to speak, his or her arms may not swing. Also, the speech is slurred. The symptoms of the disease worsen as the disease progresses.