The newest Beyoncé project has been out! Less than a month after the release of her latest album Renaissance, Queen B has collaborated with the legendary Ronald Isley and the Isley Brothers on a new rendition of their 1975 album track “Make Me Say It Again Girl.” The song debuted on iHeartRadio on Tuesday before going on general release on Friday.

The Isley Brothers discussed the creation of the duet in an interview with Billboard, revealing Tina Knowles-Lawson was a key player.

According to Kandy, Ronald’s wife and manager, “She has a passion for the Isley Brothers a,nd her daughter grew up listening to this style of music.”

Beyoncé, 40, was in the middle of making Renaissance when Ronald, 81, said he approached her about working together.

Tina Knowles Cried when She Heard The Isley Brothers And Beyoncé's New Duet, According To Ronald Isley!

Before highlighting the significance of the new track’s release date, he stated, “She worked on this pretty much the whole last year in between recording her own album, singing her vocals for this while she was in the Hamptons.

“No one in the world would consent to the release of our record’s lead single concurrently with that of another artist’s new album. Its significance cannot be overstated.”

Ronald reported that Knowles-Lawson, 68, grew tearful after hearing the duet. “Beyoncé’s mother texted us to let us know how much they were crying when Beyoncé played the album for them.

When I first heard it, Kandy and her sister were with me, and they were crying,” the “Shout” claimed “a laughing musician “When Ernie [Isley] and his wife arrived, there was more crying. In recent years, we had stopped crying over records.”

The two vocalists recorded independently, but it’s unlikely that listeners will be able to know, according to Kandy, 44, who stated elsewhere in the interview, “All we can say is that God’s hands was on this whole thing.”

Tina Knowles Cried when She Heard The Isley Brothers And Beyoncé's New Duet, According To Ronald Isley!

Because of Beyoncé’s unquestionable talent and [producer/engineer] Tony Maserati’s masterful merging of her and Ronald’s voices, it sounded as though they were both present in the same room.

The latest legendary musicians to collaborate with Beyoncé are Ronald and the Isley Brothers. She collaborated with Madonna last week on the song “Break My Soul (The Queens Remix),” which is a new rendition of Renaissance’s lead hit and borrows some of the Queen of Pop’s “Vogue” style.

Following the release of the remix, Madonna, 63, posted images of a flower bouquet she received from Beyoncé on her Instagram Story. The bouquet included white roses and other white flowers.’

She also displayed a letter of gratitude that Beyoncé had sent with the gift. It was revealed in the message that Madonna had actually thought of the remix’s name.

The message was simply “Thank you, Queen.” “You have my eternal gratitude. For so many women, you have provided so many opportunities. Your artistic genius is unmatched. I appreciate you letting me sing in your song, and I appreciate you titling the remix. B., I will always love you.”

On the image, Madonna wrote: “I’m grateful. from one to the next. The remix is great!”

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