Tanya Burr Dating

Tanya Burr has established her tenacity as a YouTube star. It’s been almost a decade since Tanya’s fan base grew to include actual acting parts as well as other high-profile opportunities.

Although Tanya’s acting profession and social media presence may be well-known to millions of followers, they may not be as well-versed in her personal life. With the news that she is pregnant, the celebrity recently made a major announcement in this area, and fans are now screaming for more information. Who is Tanya now seeing? Keep reading to learn more about the current status of the problem.

Who is Tanya Burr dating?

Tanya Burr Dating

Their rise to the online celebrity of Tanya has been characterized by her apparent openness to her fans about every area of her private life, especially her relationship with her father. She married fellow YouTuber Jim Chapman in 2015, and the two became known as “Mr. and Mrs. YouTube” because of the videos they made together.

Tanya’s divorce from Jim, which was made public in March of this year, caused her to reevaluate how she approaches romantic relationships going forward.

She’s now dating an unknown man, whose identity has remained a mystery as of the date of this article. As far as we know, Tanya hasn’t revealed the identity of her new love interest. When The Telegraph interviewed her in 2021, she revealed why she made such a dramatic shift in how she portrayed her love life.

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Oversharing was not something the celebrity admitted to doing when she first started her online career. “I really reined it in,” the diva told People magazine at the time. “My audience is used to me being very private, so they don’t expect much more.”

“It’s quite thrilling,” Tanya said, adding, “I’m very happy.” Being in love again, she later said, was “the most enjoyable thing in the world.”


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What is Tanya Burr’s due date? She and her mystery boyfriend are expecting a baby.

The fact that Tanya is reluctant to reveal her present relationship status does not mean that she is keeping her followers completely in the dark. On June 14, 2022, Tanya posted a photo to Instagram showing her growing baby bulge being cradled in the arms of someone who appears to be her partner. It was followed by an emoji of a peanut that she used as her caption for the movie.


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Tanya’s due date and the identity of her current lover are both being kept a secret for the time being. It’s best for curious fans to keep an eye on the actress’ social media accounts for any updates she might make on her pregnancy status.

On Tanya’s baby’s birth, we wish her well

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