Stephen Cloobeck Net Worth

Stephen J. Cloobeck, a businessman and owner of multiple significant enterprises, was born in the United States on April 6, 1961. He is best known as the founder and CEO of Diamond Resorts Holdings Inc., situated in Las Vegas. Cloobeck is a philanthropist and a Democratic Party donor. He made the most of his money by investing in hotels, motels, and cruise lines.
Have you ever considered Stephen J. Cloobeck’s net worth as of mid-2016? Stephen Cloobeck’s net worth has been reported to be as high as $100 million, according to reliable sources. Cloobeck’s net worth has expanded as a result of his ownership of more than 200 resorts across the world, as well as his roles as Chairman of the Board of the US Corporation for Travel Promotion and the Nevada Cancer Institute.

Stephen Cloobeck’s Family & Career

Stephen Cloobeck Net Worth

Stephen Cloobeck, the whose given name is Stephen J. Cloobeck, is a well-known American businessman. Stephen Cloobeck was born on October 26, 1961, in the United States, and began his career as a businessman.

He is a well-known businessman in the 59-year-old age group. We propose that you look over the entire list of Famous Businessmen.

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Stephen Cloobeck’s Net Worth

Stephen Cloobeck is the Chairman and CEO of Diamond Resorts Holdings Inc, a $100 million company based in Las Vegas. Diamond Properties Holdings, founded by Stephen Cloobeck, owns and runs over 200 time-share resorts across the world. Their resorts are spread throughout 25 countries.

Each year, almost 400,000 people stay at Diamond’s hotels for their holidays. Cloobeck served as an executive for a number of firms before buying the Sunterra Corporation in April 2007. Diamond Resorts International, a multi-billion dollar vacation ownership corporation with over 4,500 workers globally, was his new name.

He is the Chairman of the Board for the US Corporation for Travel Promotion and the Nevada Cancer Institute, in addition to being the CEO of Diamond Resorts. In 2012, he established the Brent Shapiro Foundation for Drug Awareness and made a major endowment to the Brandeis University International Business School.

He is a very active politician who pondered running for governor of Nevada in 2007. He is best known for being one of the topics of the reality show “Undercover Boss” in its first season.

Stephen J. Cloobeck Height, Weight, and Other Info

Stephen Cloobeck Net Worth

Celebrities’ physical appearance shows their beauty. We adore following and imitating our favorite celebrities’ heights, weights, hairstyles, eye colors, outfits, and virtually anything else. It’s something we’re well aware of. Stephen Cloobeck is 1.72 meters tall. This individual weighs 88 kg. Weight is a value that can change at any time. You’re now looking at his weight’s most recent value.

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Stephen Cloobeck Affairs and Marital Status

Stephen J. Cloobeck’s marital status is unknown. Some of his personal life details have been displayed here to quench your desire. We’ll put some important facts in a table here, such as affairs, marital status, spouse, hobbies, and so on. Let us talk about his favorite things, such as color, food, sports, places, and people. Check out the table below to learn more about your favorite person’s married life.

Steven Klubeck’s Private Life

Stephen Cloobeck Net Worth

Steren Lobeska’s personal life is a mystery. To those close to him, he was remembered as a man who had created a strong basis for eliminating drug abuse in society.

Stephen Klubeck (left) and Chantal Leduc Klubeck (right). magazine as a source

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Stephen Cloobeck Personal Life, Relationships and Dating

Cloobeck began dating Canadian-based OnlyFans model Stefanie Gurzanski in July 2020, unaware of her past as a pornographic performer and nudist. They had a five-month relationship.

Cloobeck stopped their relationship after she was caught secretly shooting nude images in his house and selling them on OnlyFans. Gurzanski was sued by Cloobeck in state court in Los Angeles on January 7 for a range of charges, including fraud and trespassing. Gurzanski requested a temporary restraining order against Cloobeck in a California state court on January 12.

“He started telling me that I was no longer authorized to publish images on,” she added in an affidavit she filed. I told him I would stay working because it was a source of revenue.”

Cloobeck filed an updated complaint against Gurzanski on March 8, stating that she tricked him by claiming to be a “real fashion model” and that she secretly used his private jets and homes as backdrops for her nude OnlyFans photos, including while his teenage daughter was there.

Stephen Cloobeck Net Worth

“Little did I know that while I was working at my various residences, my children were present, and my staff was present, she was filming porn in the restrooms and uploading it to OnlyFans,” Cloobeck explained.

Cloobeck claims he is the “single and exclusive” proprietor of images of Gurzanski wearing exposing pink dresses and tight bikinis, which he alleges she distributed without his permission. Cloobeck is also demanding compensation for the more than $1.3 million in gifts and “experiences” he lavished on his ex, including more than 100 bikinis and items of lingerie she “used as props in her… OnlyFans posts,” according to the suit.

Cloobeck claims he has offered Gurzanski a settlement provided she returns the presents he bought her so he can donate the earnings to charity, removes any images of his property from the internet, and issues a public apology confessing she lied to him about her pornographic history.

[26] She claims she has offered to return all of the gifts he has given her and the items she has purchased using his credit card, but a Cloobeck spokeswoman maintains it is Cloobeck who has offered to settle.

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