Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi of the Jersey Shore hasn’t worn her famed bouffant hair in years. She has experienced a tremendous metamorphosis over the years, undergoing plastic surgery ranging from lip fillers to breast implants.

If you want to pass judgment on the mother of three for her decisions, you’ll have to wait because she doesn’t have time for haters.

She told Too Fab in 2015, “I honestly don’t care what others think about me because they don’t know who I am.” “I always say I’m living for myself, not for them.” People talk because it’s in our nature to do so. People are jerks, so you have to live with it.”

If you’ve been following Snooki on social media, you’re probably already aware that she’s the clap-back queen. When the reality celebrity’s physical appearance was attacked, the MTV star had the finest retort.

In March 2020, someone on Instagram said, “Snooki looks like the Jigsaw person,” referring to the puppet from the Saw movie trilogy. “I’m honored,” the reality star said.

Snooki is clearly self-assured. She constantly takes responsibility for her actions and has no qualms about being honest with her audience.

Snooki Before and After

In 2016, she posted a Snapchat video of herself getting lip and cheek injections. “I’m getting needles in my face today,” remarked the businesswoman at the time. “I’m getting my first Botox on my forehead, and I’m also doing a little lip plumping.”

Nicole Snooki prioritizes self-care to feel good about herself, even when she is overwhelmed. One of the reasons she believes going under the knife is the best option for her is because of this. “Moms are under a lot of pressure. Sometimes you can see it on our faces. Makeup can’t always hide it. So you have to do what you gotta do,” she said in 2016 to Too Fab.

Her appearance isn’t the only thing that’s changed. Snooki admitted she had breast implants in the same year. “I know in past interviews, I said I wanted to wait till after I had kids to get my boobs done, but I may be 50 by then,” she said on Instagram at the time. “I’m in the prime of my life right now.”

I’m going to be 29 years old, and I want to look as well as I can!”

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Snooki Plastic Surgery

It promotes a brighter smile, which can help in the show business. She has also enlarged her boobs in addition to teeth whitening.

This is a widespread rumor among celebrities, and it may be proven in the case of Snooki by comparing before and after images of her. She does, in fact, have large boobs as a result of breast implants. Snooki has had good-looking boobs since she was a child.

They do, however, grow in size every year. Her current boobs are similar to the old-school breasts with implants. Take a close look at the photos and you’ll notice the difference.

Snooki Before and After

Snooki recently commented on her Instagram account, “Sexy batch!” @jennijwowwmtv, who appears to be her best buddy.

We believe she is being influenced by Jenni, a 40-year-old woman who has undergone numerous plastic surgery and has been exposed. Snooki is only 26 years old! Snooki had a wonderful show-off session last month when she posed for a People magazine. The Jersey Shore celebrity is currently gaining notoriety due to her phony gleaming teeth.

Snooki’s popularity stems from her well-sculpted body, appealing skin tone, and widespread Snooki plastic surgery rumors.

The irony is that she has publicly expressed her desire for breast implants simply because she finds natural boobs to be bothersome. She claimed that natural boobs sag to the side, but that boob implants keep them in place.

When asked how she feels about undergoing surgery, the celebrity said she is afraid.

However, the celebrity has admitted to having an eating disorder in the past, but the good news is that she is now on the mend, as she now parties less, eats well, and works out regularly. She wants to drop even more weight, as she is presently over 100 kilograms.

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