Thomas Shelby and Lizzie Stark had a daughter, Ruby Shelby. She initially appears while Lizzie waits for Thomas to emerge from the voting booth, where he was campaigning for the Labour Party in South Birmingham. Ruby Shelby was named by her great-aunt Polly Shelby.

Ruby Shelby Is Afflicted with What Illness?

Tommy and Lizzie take Ruby to the hospital in the most recent episode, where physicians confirm that Ruby has Consumption, better known as Tuberculosis. Ruby’s one lung was initially infected, but the infection gradually spread to both lungs.

What Is Happening to Ruby Shelby?

Ruby Shelby Illness

Fans were heartbroken after Tommy (Cillian Murphy) and Lizzie (Natasha O’Keeffe) Shelby’s only daughter Ruby died in the most recent episode of Peaky Blinders, following an illness she had suffered at the start of the season.

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How Did Ruby Get Tuberculosis?

Madame Barwell and Navadni were both members of the gypsy tribe, thus it was only natural for Navadni to blame Thomas. As a result, she chose to curse Ruby, his daughter. This is almost certainly why Ruby contracted tuberculosis and died, much like Navadni’s daughter.

Is Ruby Dead Peaky Blinders?

With Ruby’s death in Peaky Blinders season 6, episode 3, “Gold,” tragedy strikes once more, and the hidden meaning suggests an ominous turn for Tommy Shelby.

“Vengeance Will Come”

Ruby Shelby Illness

It’s a fantastic scenario that was tinged with ambiguity at the time. Was Madame Boswell lying in order to obtain a beautiful jewel, or did she truly sense the curse of the stone? Did Tommy actually believe in the curse, or was he just looking for an excuse to get out of his guilt over Grace’s murder? Season six replaced ambiguity with clarity.

Esme Shelby-Lee informs Tommy that the sapphire was definitely cursed. Madame Boswell (renamed Barwell here, probably to avoid offending the real-life Boswell gypsy tribe) gave it to her daughter Evadne, who wore it around the neck of her seven-year-old daughter Connie, who began coughing immediately and died before morning.

The sapphire was tossed into the river, and Evadne cursed Tommy Shelby, saying that if he ever had a daughter, she would die at the same age as her father. Her child’s burial was marked by a crucifix inscribed with the lines “Connie Barwell, seven years old, died of a cursed stone not forgotten,” followed by the words “Vengeance will come” in crimson.

In the third episode of Season 6, ‘Gold,’ revenge was exacted. Ruby, Tommy’s seven-year-old daughter, died of tuberculosis after hearing voices, experiencing visions, and speaking the Romani language for the devil.

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Ruby perished as a result of a curse imposed in vengeance for Tommy’s gift to the Barwells of an already cursed sapphire. Evadne Barwell (still listed on IMDb as ‘Boswell’), performed by actor Gwynne McElveen, is recorded as appearing in the next two episodes of season six.

If viewers wanted to, they might simply assume that Grace was shot by an adversary, that Ruby and Connie both died of tuberculosis, and that the sapphire had nothing to do with any of it. Tommy felt guilty about Grace’s death and needed someone else to blame, so he came up with the cursed stone as an explanation. When Tommy had a vision of Grace clutching the sapphire in season five, she said, “It wasn’t the blue stone, Tommy, it was you.”

However, none of that drab rationality would be very Peaky Blinders. Why should we believe in gypsy superstition if this drama does? Grace, Connie, and Ruby were all killed by the curse on the stone.

Ruby Shelby Illness

However, we need to go back to 2017, when Den of Geek spoke with Steven Knight, the show’s creator, about the blue sapphire. He explained that the stone represented the corruption of money and status.

“They give him a symbol of riches and power – the blue sapphire – which is cursed!” Tommy’s “first encounter with the nobility,” Knight continued, “they give him a symbol of wealth and power – the blue sapphire – which is cursed!” It’s his first interaction with it, and he discovers it’s a curse.”

Perhaps that’s also the meaning of the colour — blue sapphire equates to blue blood, as well as the poisoned chalice of wealth and power, i.e. everything Tommy has been battling for since season one.

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What Is Ruby Saying in Peaky Blinders?

Last week, Peaky Blinders returned with a bang, with viewers witnessing Tommy Shelby depart for North America. However, the final scene perplexed many viewers. Ruby, Lizzie said Tommy, had a fever dream and was repeating various Romani words, including ‘Tickna mora o’beng.’

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